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Report: Vincenzo Montella confirmed as Fiorentina coach

After meeting in New York, Commisso and Cousin Vinnie are on the same page.

ACF Fiorentina v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

According to Sky Italia, Rocco Commisso and Vincenzo Montella held their long-awaited meeting in the owner’s New York City stomping grounds to introduce themselves and talk shop about Fiorentina’s plans and goals for next season. Apparently it all went quite well, and the club is expected to announce that Montella will remain the mister in the coming days; it’s yet another piece of positive news for the club’s infrastructure after a few days full of them.

The manager flew in from his vacation in India to meet with his new boss for the first time amidst rumors that the New Jersey-based brain trust was looking to replace him with anyone from Eusebio di Francesco to Maurizio Sarri, despite Commisso’s comments that word of Montella’s imminent replacement is “fake news.” (Hearing a New York businessman use that phrase raises some flags of its own, but that’s a whole different discussion.)

While nobody will count their chickens until the fat lady sings, it sounds like Commisso is doing all he can to stabilize the team as much as possible ahead of the transfer window, which is the correct decision. Getting Montella and Daniele Pradè locked in quickly will give the office time to identify targets and schemes for how to acquire them, rather than the last-minute scrambles we were accustomed to under the Della Valles and Pantaleo Corvino.

Combined with news that Gabriel Batistuta may join the board of directors, with fan favorites Dario Dainelli and Luca Toni also rumored to be in consideration for roles with the team, you have to hand it to Commisso for quickly developing a vision and sticking to it. While boardrooms stuffed with ex-players don’t always result in a coherent strategy for a club (hi, AS Roma), Rocco seems to be trying his best to get everyone on the same page, and that’s a big improvement.