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Aleksa Terzić attacked in Belgrade but escapes unhurt [Update: not quite]

The Viola defender avoided injury and the perpetrators have been apprehended, but it’s about as scary as anything we can imagine.

Aleksa Terzic of ACF Fiorentina reacts during the Coppa... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/LightRocket via Getty Images

In a terrifying story reported by Serbian newspaper Blic, Fiorentina fullback Aleksa Terzić was involved in a truly frightening episode last night. Following the conclusion of his international duties with the Serbia U21s, the 19-year-old went out in his hometown of Belgrade. At approximately 3:00 AM, Terzić was driving his BMW through the city and, according to the report, got into a traffic altercation with two men in an Audi, which perhaps isn’t an astonishing occurrence when young men are cruising around in fancy cars in the wee hours.

Where it takes a turn for the awful, though, is when the two men swerved their vehicle into Terzić’s. When he pulled over and stepped out of the vehicle, the two men allegedly attacked him, trying to stuff him into the trunk of one of the cars before he evaded them and booked out of the area on foot. He immediately contacted the police and filed a report, and two suspects were arrested hours later in the Kaluđerica neighborhood of the city with Aleksa’s car.

It seems unlikely that this was a targeted kidnapping attempt, as some outlets have claimed, given that it apparently arose from an interaction that could range anywhere from street-racing to road rage and seems pretty random in nature. While there will certainly be plenty of folks who accuse Terzić of having terrible judgement—and, as my high school coaches told us, nobody makes good decisions after midnight—that misses the point of the matter, which is that he is the victim in this situation and is lucky to have escaped unharmed.

It’s likely that more details of the case will seep out in the coming days. Some will be true and some will be exaggerated or simply false. Maybe they’ll completely change what we think about this whole episode, and maybe they’ll confirm it. No matter what, though, the facts of the case as we’ve found them are that Aleksa Terzić had a harrowing escape from a bad situation, and we’re just glad that nobody’s hurt.

[Update 4:27 PM PST]

Football Italia adds that it wasn’t two suspects but four, and that three are in custody while Serbian authorities search for the remaining attacker.

Fiorentinanews adds that Terzić didn’t escape unharmed, but suffered a broken nose in the attack. He’s expected to recover pretty quickly, although he did stop in at the hospital to double check on things, since he had surgery on the nose earlier this year.