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Here’s how Fiorentina’s wage bill stacks up with the rest of Serie A

There’s just no getting out of 8th place these days, is there?

ACF Fiorentina v Udinese - Serie A
I don’t know why I’m being a quarter of what Spalletti makes either.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

If you looked at how much each Fiorentina player makes and were wondering how that compared to the rest of Serie A, you’re in luck: I found information on that too (thanks internet). Here’s what has to say about each team’s yearly salary expenditures. I’ve also added how much each team pays its coach and how when his contract runs out. For how much each Viola player makes, we’ve got you covered here.

  1. Juventus: €219,000,000 (Massimo Allegri: €7,500,000—2020)
  2. AC Milan: €140,000,000 (Gennaro Gattuso: €2,000,000—2021)
  3. Inter Milan: €116,000,000 (Luciano Spalletti: €4,500,000—2021)
  4. AS Roma: €100,000,000 (Eusebio di Francesco: €3,000,000—2021)
  5. Napoli: €94,000,000 (Carlo Ancellotti: €6,500,000—2021)
  6. Lazio: €66,000,000 (Simone Inzaghi: €1,300,000—2020)
  7. Torino: €43,000,000 (Walter Mazzarri: €2,000,000—2020)
  8. Fiorentina: €37,000,000 (Stefano Pioli: €1,100,000—2019)
  9. Sampdoria: €36,000,000 (Marco Giampaolo: €1,100,000—2020)
  10. Bologna: €34,000,000 (Filippo Inzaghi: €600,000—2020)
  11. Sassuolo: €30,000,000 (Roberto de Zerbi: €1,000,000—2020)
  12. Genoa: €29,000,000 (Davide Ballardini: €700,000—2019)
  13. Cagliari: €29,000,000 (Rolando Maran: €800,000—2020)
  14. Atalanta: €27,000,000 (Gian Piero Gasperini: €1,400,000—2021)
  15. Udinese: €26,000,000 (Julio Velázquez: €350,000—2021)
  16. Parma: €23,000,000 (Roberto d’Aversa: €450,000—2020)
  17. Frosinone: €22,000,000 (Moreno Longo: €400,000—2020)
  18. SPAL: €21,000,000 (Leonardo Semplici: €400,000—2020)
  19. Chievo Verona: €21,000,000 (Lorenzo d’Anna: €350,000—2019)
  20. Empoli: €16,000,000 (Aurelio Andreazzoli: €400,000—2020)

A few notes here: This is pretty clearly a top-heavy league, financially speaking. Juve more than doubles everyone’s wage bill except for the Milanese clubs, which goes a long way to explaining Newcastle Junior’s dominance in the league. The most impressive performers, I’d say, are Napoli and Atalanta, who both punch way above their weight in terms of salary. Conversely, Milan (shocking), Torino, and Bologna are probably the biggest underachievers.

There seems to be a strong correlation between paying your manager well and success in the table. At the top, that’s pretty obvious, considering how closely overall expenditure on wages correlates to success in the table: the teams with higher salaries have more to spend on coaches. However, if you look at some of the overachievers and underachievers, you’ll notice that they pay a higher or lower percent to the mister, respectively. Why this is the case is up for debate; my guess is that the stability of a good manager clearly has some worth. I’m sure Pioli is paying close attention here.

And, if you want to nose through the highest-paid players in Serie A, Calcio e Finanza (who are way better than anyone at this sort of stuff) have put that list together. While it won’t surprise you to learn that Cristiano Ronaldo and his €31 million lead the way, it’s a bit jolting to realize that he gets more than the next four highest earners (Gonzalo Higuaín, Paulo Dybala, Miralem Pjanić, and one of Gianluigi Donnarumma and Douglas Costa) combined. That is not generally a great model for a league’s overall financial health.

There are only two Fiorentina players in that top 100, and it’s Federico Chiesa (whose €1.7 million put him in a tie for 87th) and Marko Pjaca (€1.5, t-91). For comparison, Juan Cuadrado makes €4 million. Antonio Candreva makes €3 million. Riccardo Montolivo makes €2.5 million. Andrea Bertolacci and Mattia Destro make €2 million. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Fiorentina are doing pretty damn well in terms of wages paid to quality of player.