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Here are Fiorentina’s salaries for this year

Consider this our yearly call to buy more stuff from Tod’s.

Pictured: Montiel’s salary, relatively.
Photo Illustration by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The Gazzetta dello Sport has released its annual report on Serie A salaries, and as usual, it’s pretty interesting. In the first of this two-part series, we’ll take a look at how much Fiorentina is paying everyone per year, and until when each player is signed. In the second part, we’ll look at how all of these numbers stack up in comparison to the rest of Serie A.

Federico Chiesa: €1,700,000 (2022)

Marko Pjaca: €1,500,000 (2019)

Marco Benassi: €1,100,000 (2022)

Gerson: €1,100,000 (2019)

Kevin Mirallas: €1,100,000 (2019)

Germán Pezzella: €1,100,000 (2022)

Stefano Pioli: €1,100,000 (2019)

Giovanni Simeone: €1,100,000 (2022)

Vitor Hugo: €1,100,000 (2021)

Jordan Veretout: €900,000 (2021)

Edimilson Fernandes: €850,000 (2019)

Cyril Théréau: €700,000 (2020)

Cristiano Biraghi: €600,000 (2021)

Alban Lafont: €600,000 (2023)

Nikola Milenković: €600,000 (2021)

Bryan Dabo: €500,000 (2021)

Federico Ceccherini: €500,000 (2022)

Vincent Laurini: €500,000 (2021)

Maxi Olivera: €500,000 (2022)

David Hancko: €400,000 (2023)

Kevin Diks: €350,000 (2021)

Christian Nørgaard: €350,000 (2022)

Dušan Vlahović: €200,000 (2023)

Bartłomiej Drągowski: €200,000 (2021)

Martin Graiciar: €100,000 (2022)

Tòfol Montiel: €50,000 (2023)

Total: €18,800,000

A few points of interest: reports that Fiorentina’s entire wage bill is €37 million, which you’ll notice is almost €20 million more than what’s reported here. That probably covers the remainder of the staff—Pantaleo Corvino, assistant coaches, medical personnel, scouts, and the various folks you need to keep a team running—but we’re honestly not sure.

The presence of guys like Théréau, Olivera, and Laurini is a pretty serious problem, as they take up nearly 10% of the player wages despite being miles from seeing the pitch. While Maxi is likely headed to Mexico (whose transfer window remains open), the other two look like strong candidates to be bought out.

Much has been made of the presence of so many loanees on this Viola team, but it does make some sense financially. Gerson will be taking his hefty salary and returning to AS Roma next year, and it’s unlikely that Corvino will redeem both Pjaca and Mirallas, which will be another substantial chunk out of the bill; that’s already a lot of money to hand raises out to key performers to pay another couple of good players next year.

We’ve heard that Cholito is about to open talks with the club about a raise and an extension, which is very good news. We’d expect that Veretout, Milenković, and Biraghi are next on the list. And finally, take a look at what year all these players are signed to. The core of this exciting young team could stay together for longer than we think. That’s nice.