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Here’s your first look at Fiorentina’s FIFA 19 ratings

It’s mostly pretty close, but there are definitely a few headscratchers in there.

ACF Fiorentina v Hellas Verona FC - Serie A
Definitely a key man.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

FIFA 19 is going to make EA Sports a lot of money because millions of people are going to buy the game and spend tens of thousands of hours playing it. Most of them will play as Real Madrid or Manchester City, either because they’re fans or, more likely, because they lack imagination. But for those of you who want to take Fiorentina to heights previously unimagined (at least since FIFA 18 came out), FUTWIZ has released the full ratings for the entire Viola squad.


GK Alban Lafont 77: Maybe a little bit low for a player that many French fans have clamored to see brought into the senior international side. On the other hand, he’s looked a bit shaky at times, so maybe it’s spot on.

GK Bartłomiej Drągowski 71: Perhaps a bit low for Bart, who’s probably a perfectly capable starter at worst. Maybe some strong showings while Lafont is out injured will move the needle a bit.


CB Germán Pezzella 79: This feels a bit low, honestly. The captain (also Fiorentina’s best player in the game) is a starter for Argentina and showed last year and early this year that he’s quietly one of the top 10 or so central defenders in the league.

CB Vitor Hugo 76: Also a bit low, as the Brazilian is a rock at the back. His 74 physical is what’s holding him back, and that seems awfully low for a guy who thrives on the hurly-burly, confrontational nature of his position.

LB Cristiano Biraghi 75: Pretty close to accurate, although he’s too good a crosser to have a passing rating of just 67. When you notice how often Fiorentina play through him in the buildup, it seems very strange indeed.

RB Vincent Laurini 74: I didn’t know that Laurini possessed 78 pace, but everything feels about right. If EA shaved a point or two off his overall rating, I don’t think anyone would blink.

CB Nikola Milenković 73: You’re kidding, right? 26 shooting is a joke after that volley, and 78 physical doesn’t begin to describe the sheer power he wields. Get on it, EA.

CB Federico Ceccherini 72: Feels about correct for the 4th-best centerback on the team, so no complaints here.

RB Kevin Diks 72: His 75 pace and 74 physical could make him useful in the game, but his 71 defending and 56 passing (which is definitely well short of the mark) make him a bit of a liability as well.

LB Maximiliano Olivera 70: 69 defending (nice) is low, but 72 dribbling is high; let’s just call it a wash, then.

LB Luca Zanon 62: Eh.


CM Jordan Veretout 78: Probably just about the correct rating for the Frenchman, honestly, although giving him only a Medium attacking work rate seems off, as does shooting of only 70; after all, this is a guy who scored an Olimpico last year and bashed in a hat trick as well to make himself the club’s second-leading scorer on the year.

LM Kevin Mirallas 78: This does feel a bit generous for a player who seems to have lost his way a bit over the past year, but if he can recapture his form from two years ago, it’ll come out as pretty dang close to accurate. And, as we haven’t seen him yet, it feels unfair to lambast EA either way until he plays in a competitive match.

CM Marco Benassi 77: We won’t complain about 75 passing, 77 dribbling, or 75 physical, although we didn’t really see those last season. However, if Marco continues his capocannoniere campaign, 71 shooting will feel very low indeed.

CDM Sebastian Cristoforo 75: 73 defense and 70 physical are fine. 67 passing is probably close to the truth as well. Not sure how he’s rated ahead of Dabo, Gerson, and Fernandes, though. Sometimes the game just doesn’t make sense.

CM Bryan Dabo 74: 80 physical, 73 defending, and 73 dribbling are offset by 71 passing. He’s rated higher in ever category than Cristofor and still ends up being a worse player. Huh?

CM Gerson 73: 78 dribbling is the highlight here, but we’ve already seen that 65 physical is way too low, and 69 pace feels rather ungenerous as well. Definitely got nerfed.

CDM Christian Nørgaard 72: 70 defending and 70 physical make him a useful player to shield the defense, but his lack of pace (61) and passing (69) are holding him back. That feels like the consensus in real life, too, so well done, FIFA 19.

CAM Edimilson Fernandes 71: He’s definitely going to get a whole bunch of new stats. We haven’t seen the 75 pace yet, but his work in the holding role means that he’ll certainly see upgrades to his 52 defense and 68 physical.


ST Giovanni Simeone 78: Just about on the money for the young Argentine, although the game-runners will probably bump his ratings if he remains productive this season. 78 pace and 58 passing are on the money. 76 for both shooting and dribbling are perhaps a bit high, but are offset by a slightly low 73 physical.

RW Federico Chiesa 77: This seems disrespectfully low to me. 5 points behind Federico Bernardeschi; 4 behind Simone Verdi and Antonio Candreva; and 1 behind Domenico Berardi. Heck, he’s just one point better than Romulo. Really?

LW Valentin Eysseric 76: This may be a bit too high. Valentin’s capable of the occasional bright moment, but he doesn’t do too much in open play and rarely gets past his man. That, combined with his lack of pace, make him a better option here than in real life. The 78 dribbling and 79 passing are probably a tad overblown.

LW Marko Pjaca 76: 78 pace and 84 dribbling mean he’ll be a fun player to use opposite Chiesa. 67 shooting and 74 passing seem like they could be balanced out a bit better, but it should be fine.

LW Cyril Théréau 76: All bow before Lord Cyril.

RW Marco Meli 58: I guess it’s fine for a guy who’s still with the Primavera?


GK Michele Cerofolini 60: He hasn’t featured yet for Cosenza real in real life but is the only goalie listed on their roster so far.

RB Lorenzo Venuti 70: The rating itself seems to be just about where we would have put it, as he looked to be a step behind Diks in the preseason. He’s also Lecce’s best player according to the game, which is interesting. 75 pace is generous, but 66 defending and 60 physical seem unfair to a guy who did a job at centerback last year with Benevento.

CDM Andrés Schetino 66: Yet to feature for Cosenza, but his 71 physical should see him used heavily for anyone who opts to play as the Lupi.

CAM Riccardo Saponara 78: Yeah, this all checks out. He’s also the third best player on the Sampdoria roster according to EA Sports. Ouch.

LW Jaime Báez 64: Yeah, probably about right.

LW Rafik Zekhnini 67: That 90 pace means that gamers will love him, but it’s not wrong, either. If he does well at Twente, he could be one of the most important players in the Viola setup in a year or two.


LB Luca Ranieri: Not quite as well known as a certain loanee teammate, but he’s played competitive minutes at Foggia already.

LW Riccardo Sottil: Seems a bit strange that Sottil, who’s registered with the first team, should be ignored in favor of Marco Meli, who’s still with the Primavera.

RW Mattia Trovato: The only member of the Viola group at Cosenza who hasn’t shown up in the game yet.

ST Gabriele Gori: Should be in the Foggia team considering that he’s the starting striker, but hasn’t made it into the game yet.