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Idiots brawl ahead of Fiorentina-Venezia friendly

How thick is someone who wants to fight before a meaningless preseason match? Very.

Basically what happened.
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

About half an hour before the water polo match between Fiorentina and Venezia kicked off at the Stadio Carlo Benatti, a couple dozen morons decided to start the fireworks early in the Viola village just outside the stadium with a brawl. I can’t believe I’m writing this, so I’m going to try again: a bunch of people who are technically adults got into a fight at the family-friendly Viola Village ahead of a preseason friendly.

These supporters, who were wearing both Viola and Arancioneroverdi colors, “mutually provoked” each other and eventually came together in a mess of shouting, swinging fists, and bottles. Keep in mind that this happened at what’s basically a county fair, with families and kids all over the place. Full credit to the vendors, who immediately pulled the children to safety inside their stalls while the idiots fought. Anyways, the carabinieri were on hand to break things up pretty quickly, although there were still numerous injuries suffered and at least one ambulance called.

Look, I know that emotions are running pretty high amongst Fiorentina fans right now. The TAS ruling about AC Milan and the Europa League is daylight robbery, and the tifosi groups are sniping at the Della Valles again, and everyone’s frustrated with everything. But if you want to start throwing glass bottles at someone before a preseason match against a Serie B team when there are a bunch of kids just trying to enjoy a rainy day out with their families, that makes you scum, and there’s simply no other way to describe it.