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So long, Kyle, and thanks for all the fish

A Viola Nation stalwart is riding into the sunset.

ACF Fiorentina v SPAL - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The mercato doesn’t open for another couple of months, but the first move at Viola Nation has already arrived. Unfortunately, it’s not a good one: we’re losing staff writer Kyle Zwiazek, who you all may know from his well-disguised handle of Kyle_Zwiazek. On the plus side, he’s moving onto something bigger and better in sports media, so we can’t exactly blame him.

Kyle joined us back in February 2018, bringing an East Coast willingness to stir the pot a bit by posting unpopular opinions that always stirred people up. From discussing scoreless draws to stumping for a Mario Balotelli transfer to wondering how much the Della Valles care about this team, we’re going to miss his willingness to write about stuff that I usually wouldn’t touch with a pole.

Give his work with us a read. Heck, you can even follow him on Twitter, (but not in real life, as he’s surprisingly stealthy) although it’s gone awfully quiet over there recently. Too quiet, even. We’re pretty sure he’s planning something. Something big.

Even if he’s not, though, thank you, Kyle. You’ve been a pleasure to work with for this past year and a half, and everyone here wishes you nothing but the best. Here’s hoping for your every success, and for you sticking around in the comment section.