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Curva Fiesole releases statement about upcoming season

The team can’t keep the tifosi away, even when it sure seems like it’s trying to.

ACF Fiorentina v FC Torino - Serie A
These stands are going to be full of crazy people in a few short weeks.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The fans in the Curva Fiesole are well known for being Fiorentina’s most vociferous, hardcore group. While they no longer engage in violence the way they did in the eighties and nineties, they’re still loud, passionate, fearless, and fond of cutting banners written in rhyming couplets. Not surprisingly, they haven’t been thrilled with this offseason. They’ve supported Borja Valero, heaped scorn on Federico Bernardeschi, and pile-driven the Della Valle brothers. And now they’ve released a statement about their intentions for the upcoming season.

Given the animosity that’s built up between the fans and the owners, this could have gotten a lot uglier. While I think that the DVs probably don’t deserve all of the insults that have been thrown at them, they’ve done nothing to earn the fans’ respect this summer. By choosing to stay in the stands, the tifosi have chosen the high road, although we can still expect some, er, less than complimentary songs at the Della Valles’ expense this year. But at least the Artemio Franchi won’t be missing its loudest and most loyal denizens this year, or any year in the future.