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Viola Channel serves up interview with Fiorentina chef

Cooking up some low-key shade in the Fiorentina kitchen.

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With no new signings to announce, no sales, and no tantrums from ownership, this weekend was definitely quiet on the Fiorentina news front. Perhaps that’s why Viola Channel sent its crack investigative team at Moena to interview, er, Walter Antunes Neto, who’s the team’s executive head chef.

If we’re being perfectly honest, it falls a bit short of scintillating. Neto’s perfectly game and actually rather more comfortable in front of camera than one might expect (and he looks exactly like a chef in a kitchen I used to work in), but explaining that he uses lots of fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables to put in healthy pastas along with chicken or fish is hardly breathtaking.

Walter Antunes Neto - Chef Acf Fiorentina

Qual è il lavoro del cuoco in una squadra di calcio? Ce lo racconta il nostro chef Walter Antunes #Neto! #BattitiViola #Moena2017

Posted by ACF Fiorentina on Monday, July 17, 2017

There are really two things, though, that make this video pretty hilarious. The first is that the background song is “Sugar” by Maroon 5, and I have no idea if Viola Channel is in on the joke or not. The second is that the video is tagged on Facebook with with #Neto, which is, if intentional, a brilliantly petty little dig at a certain former goalkeeper by hijacking his name. Either way, it’s the sort of slow-news-day content that can make following a team a lot more enjoyable, so big ups to Viola Channel. Feel free to make your Sebastien Frey jokes in the comments.