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Federico Chiesa seems like a nice young man

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The teenage winger has taken Serie A by storm, but he’s kept his feet solidly on the ground.

ACF Fiorentina v Genoa CFC - Serie A
Give yourself a round of applause.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Federico Chiesa doesn’t look a day older than his 19 years, but he plays with the confidence of a man a decade his senior. His short-area quickness, agility, and wonderful control of the ball allow him to terrorize defenses from the right wing, roping experienced defenders in and then leaving them for dead. He had the beating of Napoli and Algeria star Faouzi Ghoulam all day, and Juventus man Alex Sandro is probably still waking up in cold sweats thinking about their meeting.

All this is to say that, if Chiesa were as brash and confident off the pitch as he is on it, it’d be easy to understand why. However, he’s turned out to be quite the opposite so far. In a recent interview, he said all the right things, starting out by thanking the press for coming to speak with him, which was sort of cute. “It’s a year that I never could have imagined that I’d arrive at this level,” he said when asked about his recent success.

He continued with, “Fiorentina is as much a passion in my heart as yours, and I’m happy to be here.” The second part may have been an oblique reference to an interview his father gave to Naples’ Radio Kiss Kiss in which the senior Chiesa, when asked about the (non-existent) reports linking his son to the Partenopei, responded with a, “No comment.”

Basically, Freddy Church seems like the newest young star of the Viola line who, in the tradition of Khouma Babacar and Federico Bernardeschi, seems like he’s as nice, polite, and loyal young man as you’re likely to find destroying defenses on the pitch. This could well be the start of a beautiful friendship, Louis.