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Oh man, we’ve got some big news

And no, it’s not that Tomovic was sold to Chelsea for €60 million. It’s even better.

AS Roma v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
The welcoming committee has arrived.
Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Some of the more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that some recent articles on here weren’t written by Nolan or me. This can only mean one of two things: someone has hacked into the system and is maliciously posting well-written and informative articles about Fiorentina (because you know that’s not the usual modus operandi around here), or we’ve got some new contributors. And because SB Nation frowns upon international espionage, we’ll go ahead and inform you that yes, it’s the second one.

I’ll give the rookies some time to introduce themselves here. I’d tell yall something about making them welcome and being nice and all that, but since this is the best and coolest damn online sports community around, I’m not even going to worry about it. So with no further ado, here are the new writers.


I'm Alex Miller and I've been following Fiorentina for about 5 years now.

I visited the city on a holiday when I was 16 and now 21 years of age, I’ve been an avid follower of the side, watching almost every game. I've been through the highs and sadly some lows. I went to my first game last year against Juventus at the Franchi and it was incredible (despite the result).

I'm currently a Sports Journalism student at Sunderland University and I'm thrilled to have been given a chance to write for Viola Nation. A site that I have always enjoyed reading as an English speaking Fiorentina fan.

My favourite current player is Borja Valero. He is just simply a genius on the pitch at times, like many viola fans to hear he wants to stay for the rest of career is amazing.

For me as a Sunderland fan as well as Fiorentina fan, my favourite past player was Marcos Alonso. He may not have been the greatest player however, myself and Marcos both have one thing in common, we're both not fond of Newcastle United and for that, he gets my vote.


My name is Jack and I am one of three debutants for ViolaNation. I’m currently UK based, and have been following Fiorentina seriously for a few years now. I have long held a strong interest in Italian football, the romanticism, tactics and history are things which are incomparable to the Premier league. As trivial as it sounds, at a young age it was the iconic purple kits which drew me in. I am also an Arsenal fan, so I was very used to the feeling of seeing my team play some fantastic football but never quite making it...

I worship at the shrine of Federico Bernardeschi, and how could you not, homegrown and one of the brightest young talents in Italian football. Borja Valero also deserves an honourable mention as one of my favourites, such a classy operator and one of the last of a dying breed.

I hope this gave you a bit of an insight and I hope I can contribute greatly to this fantastic site! Thanks for reading and Forza Viola!


I started following Fiorentina in early 2010 after the fixtures against Bayern Munich in the Champion’s League. My favourite Fiorentina player past or present is Manuel Pasqual. Solid, dependable, and unquestionably loyal, Pasqual contributed far more to the club whilst asking far less of it than many of the prime donne who spent two or three years in the spotlight before moving on to ‘bigger’ things; it’s a real shame that he won’t see out his career in purple.

Outside of Serie A, I follow the top two flights of English football as well taking a passing interest in the Bundesliga on account of my German housemate. I also keep fairly up to date with our primavera and incredibly entertaining women’s team.

So here are your new VN writers. They’re all really talented and they all bring unique skills and perspectives with which we can cover Fiorentina in greater breadth and depth. Basically, everyone wins. And we like that here.