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Hey, you. You should write for Viola Nation

We’re looking for new writers, and you should give it a shot because it’s really fun to do.

Conde' Nast International Luxury Conference - Day 1
Viola Nation headquarters.*
*That’s a lie.
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Conde' Nast International Luxury Conference

Ever since JSE1926 left our staff at the end of last month, we’ve been running on low here at Viola Nation headquarters. So, in an effort to bring some fresh blood on board, we’re opening things up to everyone here. You’re all really smart and you all know a lot about soccer in general and Fiorentina in particular and you all really love this team, so everyone should be qualified. Just fill out this application, and you’ll be rubbing elbows and hobnobbing with the stars of world football in no time.

*That’s maybe a teensy-weensy bit of an exaggeration.