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Rumors, falsehoods, and goofiness: End of window thread

We're not even going to try and track every rumor that comes appears over these next 36 hours, so here's your open thread to discuss them.

Huh. He does look kind of angry from this angle.
Huh. He does look kind of angry from this angle.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

I believe I speak for the entire staff of Viola Nation when I say, "Ugh. We are so freaking sick of writing about transfer rumors." Fortunately for us, there's only another day and a half of silliness until the window slams shut. Unfortunately, that silliness increases exponentially by the hour until it's hit critical goofiness just before the deadline. We warn you, therefore, to exercise caution when you post here, because we don't know what's going to happen here. All we know is that it's going to get weird, yall.

Rumors we're watching

Paulo Sousa is furious about the club's transfer policy and may quit the team in protest.

Matias Fernandez may get released or sold to AC Milan, Cagliari, or Torino.

Inter Milan have good reasons to sell Stevan Jovetic, and Fiorentina have good reasons to buy him. But the deal still may not go through in time.

It sure seems like Chelsea are in hot pursuit of Marcos Alonso with a big-time offer, which is still just bizarre.

Maxi Olivera of Peñarol is the reigning Player of the Year in Uruguay and may already have a deal in place to join the Viola.

If (ha) you hear any others, post them here and keep us updated. And don't worry, friends, because we're almost done with this silliest of seasons.