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OFFICIAL: Fiorentina sign Carlos Salcedo on loan

Out of nowhere, Fiorentina have acquired 22 year old Mexican defender Carlos Salcedo from Club Deportivo Guadalajara on loan with a right of redemption.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

It appears Pantaleo Corvino is back to his "fat ninja" ways. Less than a day after the Fiorentina backline showed a horrendous display against Juventus, Fiorentina has signed young Mexican defender Carlos Salcedo, a player who was not previously on the club's radar. Salcedo comes from Mexico's Club Deportivo Guadalajara on loan with the right of redemption. He would allegedly cost the club around €7 million.

Salcedo (Not to be confused with Carlos Salcido, the 36 year old defender who also played for Chivas) nicknamed El Titán, is a 22 year old right footed center back most comfortable on the left side of a back four. A product of both Guadalajara and Tigres UNAL's youth setups, Salcedo spent a few years in the United States playing for Real Salt Lake before returning to Mexico with his hometown club.

The 1.84 m (6 ft) tall defender is known as an exceptional tackler with good aerial ability and above average passing skills, making him one of the most promising young Mexican central defenders alongside Porto's Diego Reyes. If he has any flaws it would be a propensity to commit reckless and sometimes dirty fouls, and in the Mexican league was something of a card machine. While this is something that will need adjustments if Salcedo is to adapt to Serie A, at least it gives Fiorentina a potential replacement for Facundo Roncaglia's reckless slide tackles.

The club has rightfully taken a lot of criticism this transfer window, but this move alongside a potential Nenad Tomovic for Davide Zappacosta swap with Torino would make the backline significantly more promising.