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Vorwerk Folletto signs on as Fiorentina shirt sponsor

No details have yet been released about the German household appliance company's deal with the Viola, but it's believed to be a multi-year partnership.

Well, it's no Sammontana or Nintendo, but Fiorentina finally have a corporate name to put on the front of their shirts, and, more importantly, the money that comes with said deal. Although specific terms of the deal haven't been released, it's believed to be at least a 2-year deal and could stretch to 3 or more, probably for a value of approximately €2-3 million a year, which is in line with past Viola sponsor deals.

Andrea Rogg said at the presentation that this deal represents the club's desire to become a member of the world community, better reflecting its international mindset. While this is pretty standard brand-speak, it could be taken to mean that the stated intent to become "more Italian" is over, and that the Viola have fully embraced their multinationalism (which is actually a nice reflection of, say, this blog). Whether this is a cynicla attempt to get more money or a genuine ethical stance is, of course, up for debate. Either way, the shirt (seen here at Sebastien de Maio's presentation) looks alright.

Vorwerk was founded in 1883 in Wuppertal, Germany, as a textile company. After halting all military research after World War I, the company focused on consumer goods. It's got a long history in the peninsula, having founded subsidiary Volwerk Folletto in 1938 to handle business in Italy. The company began diversifying itself in the 1960s; while maintaining its core upholstery and vacuum cleaner sales, it expanded into other household appliances, as well as banking and cosmetics (through JAFRA). These days, the company is worth approximately €2.8 billion altogether.

While this will provide more money for the coffers, it's more importantly a big step in fulfilling the Financial Fair Play criteria. And maybe, just maybe, it'll give Pantaleo Corvino that little bump he needs to resign, say, Stevan Jovetic and Stefan Savic and Juan Cuadrado. But probably not.