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Fiorentina mulling a move for Sven van Beek

The 21-year-old Feyenoord centerback is a player on the rise, and could be tremendous value.

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We knew that Carlos Freitas had a reputation as an expert in the Dutch market, but he's really turned Fiorentina's focus to the Eredivisie. First, Kevin Diks joined, and now we're hearing that Feyenoord star Sven van Beek may be next. Although the proposed €6 million price tag is a bit hefty for a 21 year old centerback, van Beek certainly looks like the real deal, and could well be a steal at such a low number.

Born in Gouda (seriously), van Beek originally broke through with Sparta Rotterdam, but moved to crosstown giants Feyenoord in 2005, breaking through into the first team in 2013 and establishing himself as a starter in 2014. He's already made a very impressive 121 appearances for the club, scoring 6 goals, notching 2 assists, and picking up just 19 yellow cards (and not a single dismissal), which is pretty darn impressive for a guy who looks like he's probably barely old enough to buy cigarettes.

As a defender, he's got all the tools to be a real star. He's calm in possession and capable of hitting majestic long passes (which seems to be a theme for the centerbacks under Paulo Sousa). He's also got enough pace in him to work at rightback in a pinch, although he looks better in the middle. He's strong in the tackle and commanding in the air, although he could probably stand to get a bit stronger. Most importantly, he reads the game very well for a player of his tender years and always seems on hand to provide a last ditch block or clearance.

If this rumor proves true, van Beek would be a brilliant signing. He's probably not quite as good as Gonzalo Rodríguez or Davide Astori yet, but he's not far off. If he doesn't mind spending a year on the bench learning his craft behind two of the best in the business, this certainly looks like a reasonable deal for all parties involved.