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Fiorentina in negotiation for Lucas Ocampos

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Fiorentina are increasingly close to getting Argentine winger Lucas Ocampos from Olympique Marseille on loan, with Mario Suarez potentially going the other way.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Since New Years Day, there have been multiple reports that Fiorentina is in negotiations for what would be their first reinforcement, Argentine winger Lucas Ocampos, a player previously linked to the club.

Ocampos currently plays for Olympique Marseille in Ligue 1, and it is believed that Fiorentina wants him on loan, with Mario Suarez potentially going the other way. According to L'Equipe, the deal both sides are closing in on would include Fiorentina paying Marseille 1 million Euros initially, with a mandatory redemption fee depending on how many appearances Ocampos would make. The inclusion of Suarez being sent on loan would likely mitigate the cost, although as of right now nothing is guaranteed, as Marseille have no interest in letting the Argentine go for cheap.

After all, Fiorentina was after Ocampos exactly a year ago, as a replacement for Juan Cuadrado. The club spent significant time courting Ocampos; however, the club instead reached a deal to sell the Colombian to Chelsea for another game breaking winger on loan, a move that paid off brilliantly for a few months before ending under less than ideal circumstances.

Like That Other Guy, Ocampos is a tall, very fast, skilled winger who can also play as forward; compared to That Guy, he is a less prolific goal scorer but offers more tricks with the ball. Ocampos, a native of Quilmes, Argentina, first received international attention when at 17 he broke into the River Plate first team in 2011 to replace Erik Lamela, who was purchased by Roma. The 2011/2012 season was infamously River Plate's season in the Primera B Nacional, the second division of Argentina, after their first ever relegation. Ocampos scored seven goals and provided five assists in 38 games as the club was promoted back to Primera Division after a one-year absence.

Ocampos, who received comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo if only for his style of play, was soon after sold to AS Monaco, then of Ligue 2, for a reported 13 million Euros. After two and a half inconsistent years in Monaco, he moved to Olympique Marseille, first on loan.

Although the 21 year old Argentine remains turnover prone, he is the type of player who can individually change the outcome on games on breakaways, the type of threat this team is currently lacking, and could be especially valuable if Giuseppe Rossi leaves on loan.