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Gilberto set for loan to Bari

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The Brazilian youngster is in search of more minutes and should find them with the southern club.

Gilberto, pictured here licking his lips at the prospect of more minutes.
Gilberto, pictured here licking his lips at the prospect of more minutes.
Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

In a move that doesn't really surprise anyone, Gilberto Moraes Júnior is about to move to Bari on a loan until the end of the season. Spotted in Bari for a medical earlier this week, the official announcement should come in the next few days. A chance to develop in the friendlier confines of Serie B is probably just what he needs right now, although his departure does leave the Viola even thinner on the wings.

The right wingback was always a longshot to make a major impact with Fiorentina this season, coming as he did from the second tier of Brazilian football. A Botafogo product, he had a few nice moments for the Viola this season, but generally looked lost against Italian Serie A teams. While he's got the pace and trickery one might expect of a young Brazilian fullback, he's defensively lacking and still trying to get a feel for the game. That's hardly a knock on him, though, since he's just 22 years old and adjusting to life outside Brazil.

His final stats for Fiorentina this season are rather underwhelming. He played 341 minutes across 7 matches (5 in Serie A, 2 in the Europa League), acquiring a yellow card. Bari, currently in 4th place, should provide a good environment for him. His primary competition for a spot will be 23-year-old Stefano Sabelli, who leads the club in outfield minutes. At worst, Gilberto should cement himself as a top backup for a squad fighting for promotion. At best, he can take a spot in the starting XI and set himself up to compete for a spot with his parent club again next season.