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Deutsche Bank in talks to be new Viola shirt sponsor

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The German bank is in advanced negotiations to get its name on some purple shirts.

Almost seems like a shame to write on such a beautiful canvas.
Almost seems like a shame to write on such a beautiful canvas.
Le Coq Sportif website

Well, it's no Nintendo or Sammontana, but having a shirt sponsor is always a reason for celebration. Deutsche Bank, the German (no, really) financial giant, is in the late stages of talks to sign up as the 2016 Fiorentina shirt sponsor.

Our most eagle-eyed readers--which is pretty much everyone here, to be honest--may recall Deutsche Bank from their most recent foray into the Serie A sponsorship game from their deal with Inter Milan back in 2013. As far as I can tell, they don't have deals with any other teams right now, although they're engaged in a host of charitable activities focused on the arts, technology, and social welfare, which makes them a pretty fitting sponsor for a club from Florence.

The terms of the prospective deal haven't been disclosed yet, but getting those papers signed sooner rather than later would be pretty swell, especially since it could be the difference between picking up someone promising like Emanuel Lammana and (ulp) Felipe.