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Hot Takes

Reacting to Rocco’s Interview with the FT

Nicky once again lends us his much needed perspective on someone near and dear to his heart. Let us know yours.

VN Brain Trust: What one tactical change would you make to Fiorentina?

It’s not a matter of building a whole new system. It’s a matter of fine-tuning the current one.

Burdisso may hold the key to Fiorentina’s future

The technical director’s pragmatism and honesty comprise the sort of common sense that can take a club very far indeed.

VN Brain Trust: Who’s the best Vlahović replacement?

The editorial staff has some thoughts about who should replace a certain Serbian striker.

Shifting the midfield could fix some of Fiorentina’s problems

If the staleness persists, Italiano could try tilting the triangle to get more from his engine room.

Fiorentina’s summer Mercato is already costing the team points

Not adding another winger over the summer is stunting the Viola’s attack

Rocco, to everything there is a season

After defeat to Venezia, Vlahović was the target of fans’ anger. Is Rocco Commisso to blame?

Sell Dušan Vlahović in January

If he doesn’t want to be here, there will be no shortage of suitors. Focusing on the future without Dušan is the best the club can do.

Choosing to be a fan means choosing to be better

Being a supporter means changing yourself and being changed.

Fiorentina condemn racist abuse, it’s time for all of us to do the same

After the shameful scenes at last night’s game with Napoli, silence is no longer an option

To renew, or not to renew

The €70 million question clouding Fiorentina needs to be answered soon

VN Brain Trust: What’s your biggest takeaway from Moena?

The staff has some thoughts about training camp.

Moena was fun but doesn’t answer any real questions

Beating up on amateur teams while missing half your XI isn’t all that helpful for gauging anything.

With Moena over, Joe Barone must deliver a quality Mercato

Fiorentina’s General Director needs to show the reason Rocco Commisso has entrusted him with running the Viola

Fiorentina should have 8th place expectations next season

Will the Viola underwhelm? Probably. Should they? Absolutely not.

10 players who have everything to prove at Moena

A new coach for a new season means these guys could have a new start.

What to expect from Italiano’s Fiorentina

The new mister brings a very different approach to Florence than what we’ve seen for the past few years.

Fiorentina needs to sell so many players

A bloated roster means it’s time to for a fire sale.

What to expect from Nicolás González

We outsourced our scouting to the experts and it feels pretty nice.

4 Spezia players Fiorentina could target

New managers often bring a familiar face or two with them, so the Viola are likely considering a few Aquilotti if Italiano signs on.

3 players from each relegated team Fiorentina could target

There’s a lot of talent in the bargain bin this year, particularly if you’re looking for depth in midfield or on the wings.

What to expect from Gattuso’s Fiorentina

It’s way too early to predict how Ringhio will approach this Viola conundrum for next year, but that won’t stop us from making some guesses.

Rocco Commisso’s Press Conference turns into a monologue against journalists

No information on the future of Fiorentina, but plenty of attacks on the press

Don’t forget about Cesare Prandelli’s impact this season

The legend’s second tenure set the foundation for Beppe to end the season well, and now the Viola need to swiftly improve this summer.

6 reasons not to extend Ribery’s contract

Nobody doubts Franck’s ability. What is up for debate, though, is his fit within the team going forward.

A relaxed Rocco Commisso is not what Fiorentina needs right now

A good performance, and a point against Juventus, does not mean we are out of danger just yet

Dušan Vlahović isn’t Fiorentina’s future. He’s its present.

It’s time to stop waiting for the striker to fulfill his potential, because he’s already doing grown adult human things.

Serie A’s TV revenues are declining. Should the league return to 18 clubs?

We examine the pros and cons of a shrunken Serie A

Reassessing Fiorentina’s relegation prospects (again)

With 10 matches left and a decade’s worth of chaos this year, Viola supporters are experiencing ever sweatier palms.

What Happened To Our Beloved Fiorentina?

If you’re pretty fed up, come join us. We can all scream into our pillows together.

What to expect from Fiorentina over the final 10 games

Here’s a quick refresher on BeppeBall 101 for anyone who’d forgotten.

What Fiorentina’s flirtation with a back 4 showed us

For the first time in months (or years), we saw Fiorentina in a formation other than a 3-5-2.