Unveiling the Veiled: Fabrizio Romano Delves into Exclusive Amrabat Negotiations at the Theater of Dreams


Fred's £13 million venture into the realm of Turkish football with Fenerbahce marked a significant shift earlier this month, but the Red Devils' commander, Erik ten Hag, is not one to rest on laurels. The stage is set for reinforcements, and the theater of Manchester United's ambitions is abuzz with fervor. In a symphony orchestrated by the Italian media virtuoso, La Nazione, Manchester United emerges as a protagonist in a tale of audacious pursuits. The coming days stand as a crossroads, laden with consequence, as the club's gaze remains steadfast on the coveted Amrabat of Fiorentina. The corridors of Old Trafford resonate with anticipation, each echo a heartbeat closer to the resolution of this footballing intrigue. The canvas is painted with speculation, and the report unfurls like an ancient parchment, suggesting that the Serie A chapter holds its breath, waiting for destiny to unfold. Will a bid emerge from the shadows? Amrabat, the sentinel of the midfield with 49 appearances as his laurels from the past season, casts aside the allure of West Ham United. Instead, his desires are intertwined with the illustrious history of Old Trafford, a stage where legends are forged. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, another twist graces the tale. The words of the venerable scribe, Ben Jacobs, intertwine with the saga. Manchester United's allure has captured Amrabat's contemplation, a seductive song that whispers of red and glory. But the echoes of Italy, the sun-soaked fields of Serie A, still beckon with their own lustrous promises. In this intricate dance of ambition and bidding wars, a new contender enters the fray. Juventus, a titan in its own right, strides onto the stage, amplifying the drama. Amidst the grandeur, Fiorentina, like a vigilant guardian, holds out for a princely sum of £26 million. The saga unfolds, each moment a brushstroke on the canvas of transfer narratives. Manchester United's pursuit of Amrabat emerges as a focal point, a crescendo in a symphony of footballing aspirations. As the sun sets on one chapter and rises on another, the destiny of a player hangs in the balance, suspended between the allure of storied English grounds and the enchanting allure of Italian pastures. The world watches, enraptured, as the drama weaves its spellbinding web.

Former Juventus player seen in discussion with Fiorentina executive


The status of Leonardo Bonucci's future at Juventus has been a major topic of discussion throughout the summer transfer window. According to Calciomercato, Fiorentina might offer a resolution to this ongoing situation. Bonucci's chances of playing in Juventus' first team have diminished. Massimiliano Allegri no longer considers him a necessary part of the squad and aims to see him leave sooner rather than later. However, the 36-year-old player holds a different view from Allegri. Despite Juventus' active search for a suitable transfer destination, no suitable option has emerged. Just when it seemed like their attempts to offload the Italian international were failing, a new opportunity emerged. Fiorentina's director, Daniele Prade, was seen having breakfast with Bonucci on a Sunday morning. As reported earlier this week, the tense situation between Juventus and Bonucci could escalate further. To prevent any unpleasant confrontations and the potential legal disputes, the experienced defender might have discovered a peaceful resolution.

Fiorentina-Ofi Creta


Film of the match ️
Fiorentina-Ofi Creta ⚜️#ForzaViola #Fiorentina Rugby World Cup live stream #ACFFiorentina

— ACF Fiorentina English (@ACFFiorentinaEN) August 12, 2023

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Chloe's interview with


Hey everyone, Chloe was just interviewed by Go Chloe go!

The heroes are welcomed at Campo di Marte


Fresh from their 4-1 victory against Inter at the San Siro, the Fiorentina squad were greeted at Campo di Marte train station by a crowd of vociferous viola fans who had waited until 2am for their arrival. There were surely some sore heads in Florence this morning!

Borja Valero isn't the only one enjoying the sights of Florence


Mario Suarez was enjoying a little down time yesterday before the Europa League fixture with FC Basel and where better to spend it than next to the Santa Maria del Fiore, better known in Florence simply as the Duomo. Enjoy, Mario!

Nenad's a dad again!


Tomovic's second daughter Julia was born last night. Auguri, Nenad!

Fiorentina men's & women's team unite for breast cancer


No sooner had Fiorentina women's team announced their squad for the coming season then they were getting together with the men's team to promote 'Corri La Vita', a 4.6KM walk or 12.8KM run through the city of Florence held on 27th September to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. We hope that it will be the first of many opportunities for the male and female teams to get together and that they raise the maximum amount of money when they hold collections before the Genoa game on Saturday. Find out more about Corri La Vita at - you can even sign up! There certainly could be worse places to go for a run...