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Coppa Italia

Fiorentina’s away days in the Coppa Italia with Napoli

Our clashes in Naples in the cup go back to the Seventies

Fiorentina 2-1 Benevento: Highlights

The Viola made it as tough on themselves as possible but held off the Stregoni to advance in the Coppa Italia.

Fiorentina vs Benevento: Lineups and how to watch

A heavily-rotated Viola side needs to see off the Stregoni for the chance to face Napoli in the round of 16.

Fiorentina 1-2 Inter Milan: Player grades and 3 things we learned

Despite another late defeat at the hands of the Nerazzurri, the Viola can leave the Coppa with their heads held high.

Fiorentina 1-2 Inter Milan: Highlights

A superb second-half effort from the Viola is undone in just a moment during extra time when the team only had to hang on for another two minutes.

Fiorentina vs Inter Milan: Lineups and how to watch

Both teams rotate their lineups heavily ahead of marquee league matchups at the weekend.

Fiorentina vs Inter Milan: Preview

All the Viola have to do to qualify for the Europa League is reel off four more wins in the Coppa Italia, starting against the team that bounced the Viola from the competition last year.

Udinese 0-1 Fiorentina: Player ratings and 3 things we learned

It was ugly, boring, painful, and probably pretty instructive with regards to Prandelli’s plans for the rest of the season. For Fiorentina, that’s enough to qualify as exciting.

Udinese 0-1 Fiorentina: Highlights

It was grim and gritty and almost unwatchable until Tòfol Montiel decided to do something about it.

Udinese vs Fiorentina: Lineups and how to watch

Not too many changes to the lineup in Rocco’s birthday match as Prandelli searches for continuity.

Fiorentina vs Udinese in the Coppa Italia takes us back to happier times

A look back at our semi-final win over Udinese in 2013/14

Udinese vs Fiorentina: Preview

The Viola get some midweek action with a return to the Coppa Italia.

Fiorentina 2-1 Padova: Player grades and 3 things we learned

For 45 minutes, we saw a focused, dominant Viola side, but the usual group emerged after that.

Fiorentina 2-1 Padova: Highlights

First-time goalscorers Lorenzo Venuti and José Callejón are just enough to ease a nearly unwatchable Fiorentina past the Serie C outfit.

Fiorentina vs Padova: Lineups and how to watch

The backups get a chance to shine in the Coppa.

Fiorentina vs Padova: Preview

You’d think that the Viola would roll over a Serie C side without trouble, but then you remember what happened in last year’s Coppa and you start to wonder.

Padova surprise for Fiorentina

Calcio Padova defeat Frosinone to earn Coppa Italia tie at Franchi

Inter Milan 2-1 Fiorentina: Player grades and 3 things we learned

A loss is never good, but a competitive loss to one of Serie A’s best is less bad than most losses.

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Inter Milan vs Fiorentina: Coppa Italia quarterfinal 2019-2020

Find all our coverage of this one here.

Inter Milan vs Fiorentina: Preview

The Viola face another Italian heavy hitter in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals.

Fiorentina 2-1 Atalanta: Player grades and 3 things we learned

It was ugly, scrappy, gritty, and showed a team spirit that we haven’t seen from the Viola in years.

Fiorentina 2-1 Atalanta: Highlights

Unfancied and shorthanded and outgunned, yes, but the Viola somehow scrape a famous win against a much better opponent.

Fiorentina vs Atalanta: Lineups and how to watch

Both sides spring a few surprises, starting recent acquisitions and dropping star attackers.

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Fiorentina vs Atalanta: Coppa Italia 2019-2020

Here’s all our usual coverage (plus a little extra) for this rare midweek fixture.

Lampredotto with the frenemy: Nige Mannering talks Atalanta with us

The most knowledgeable English fan of la Dea is here to explain what we can expect ahead of tomorrow’s Coppa Italia clash.

Fiorentina vs Atalanta: Preview

La Dea possess the scariest attack in the league, so we’re feeling a bit anxious over here.

Fiorentina 2-0 Cittadella: Player grades and 3 things we learned

Despite trying to yank the rug out from under their own feet, the 10-man Viola survive and thrive.

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Fiorentina vs Cittadella: Coppa Italia 2019-2020

Here’s our hub for all that hot Coppa action.

Fiorentina 2-0 Cittadella: Highlights

This team just can’t make it easy.

Fiorentina vs Cittadella: Lineups and how to watch

A heavily rotated squad for the Coppa Italia can’t possibly go wrong.

Fiorentina vs Cittadella: Preview

Fourth round of the Coppa Italia sounds nice until you realize how scared you are.

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Fiorentina: Coppa Italia 2019-2020

Join us in watching/stressing about/celebrating/bemoaning the cruel vicissitudes of fate as the Viola pursue the domestic cup.