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BatiGol Weekly

BatiGol Weekly 227: Ain’t leavin’ your love

In which we discuss the Second Punic War, strategems, and how nice it probably is to have a walnut-paneled library.

BatiGol Weekly 226: Song for a future generation

In which we discuss the bad stuff that’s coming and the good stuff we’ve had.

BatiGol Weekly 225: I think I’ll just stay here and drink

In which we discuss how to respond to Fiorentina’s doldrums in a rational and civilized manner.

BatiGol Weekly 224: Diane Young

In which we discuss knowing when it’s the right time to break it off with that one special someone.

BatiGol Weekly 223: Super Taranta!

In which we discuss SuperLeagues, SuperThings, and SuperAwful ideas.

BatiGol Weekly 222: Where the devil don’t stay

In which we discuss Bulgakov because it’s 2018 and we’re still hipsters from, like, a decade ago.

BatiGol Weekly 221: Golden years

In which we discuss fandom, revisions, and why we keep doing this to ourselves.

BatiGol Weekly 220: Breathless

In which we discuss fixture congestion, having too much to do, and oh god will it ever end?

BatiGol Weekly 119: Deep karma canyon

In which we discuss being noticed, being ignored, and the coolest thing I’ve ever done (it’s not actually that cool).

BatiGol Weekly 118: Air

In which your humble correspondent turns out to be too lazy to write very much.

BatiGol Weekly 117: The world’s a mess, it’s in my kiss

In which we discuss pessimism, expectations, and why Fiorentina winning is enough to give you an ulcer sometimes.

BatiGol Weekly 116: Guided by wire

In which we discuss we discuss Hegel, dualities, and the infinite crises of being a Fiorentina fan.

BatiGol Weekly 115: Summertime blues

In which we discuss that back-to-school feeling, delays, boredom and anticip...ation.

BatiGol Weekly 114: I don’t know

In which we discuss the mercato, expertise, and really gross diseases.

BatiGol Weekly 113: Enfilade

In which we once again delve into the art of the one-act play. And once again are so very, deeply sorry for falling so very, deeply short.

BatiGol Weekly 112: Locomotive

In which we discuss the mercato, Fiorentina’s long-term health, and the art of doing nothing.

BatiGol Weekly 111: Kid gloves

In which we discuss workplace inadequacies, ego, and dealing with Cyril.

BatiGol Weekly 110: Bidi bidi bom bom

In which we discuss love, longing, and not regretting a damn thing.

BatiGol Weekly 109: When I paint my masterpiece

In which we discuss fine art and absolutely nothing else. Because really, does anything else matter in this world?

BatiGol Weekly 108: The naming of things

In which we discuss cheese, the lion king, and all the other wonderful names.

BatiGol Weekly 107: Deformative


BatiGol Weekly 106: It’s time to party

In which we discuss caution, moderation, and throwing a god dang rager.

BatiGol Weekly 105: Sensitive boys

In which we discuss childhood, perceptions of childhood, and why we don’t care about a result against Udinese.

BatiGol Weekly 104: I’ll believe in anything

In which we discuss international breaks, managing expectations, and ugh we are so bored over here right now.

BatiGol Weekly 103: One step beyond

In which we discuss jokes. Bad jokes. Like, really bad jokes.

BatiGol Weekly 102: Forever young


BatiGol Weekly 101: Back on the chain gang

In which we discuss midtable obscurity, man’s search for meaning, and what Conan can tell us.

BatiGol Weekly 100: Backwater

In which we discuss Shakespeare, the provinces, and ripping off scabs.

BatiGol Weekly 99: Medicine

In which we discuss getting sick and getting un-sick.

BatiGol Weekly 98: Melt your heart

In which we discuss hope and the abyss.

BatiGol Weekly 97: Merry Christmas from the family

In which we discuss gifts, egg nog, and furious cats.

BatiGol Weekly 96: Pyramid of tears

In which we discuss first cars, Hellboy, and the beauty of defects.