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BatiGol Weekly

BatiGol Weekly: The next big thing

In which we discuss calcio, 1990s-2000s indie rock, and pretty much everything you’d expect from this bastion of hipsterism.

BatiGol Weekly: It’s too darn hot

In which we discuss pretty much nothing because this heat wave has scrambled our brains.

BatiGol Weekly: Bankrobber

In which we discuss heists, crews, and how to get Fiorentina a trophy.

BatiGol Weekly: The Ballad of el Goodo

In which we talk about musical obscurities and don’t connect anything to Fiorentina, honestly.

BatiGol Weekly 255: Wrapped up in books

In which we discuss reading, Serie A teams, and recommendations.

BatiGol Weekly 254: Purple haze

In which we discuss nothing that has anything to do with today’s date, man. Get off our case, okay?

BatiGol Weekly 253: Through the wormhole

In which we embark on a wild journey through time and space.

BatiGol Weekly 252: America

In which we discuss the person who may be the most famous Florentine ever. And no, we’re not referring to Rose McGowan.

BatiGol Weekly 251: A cosa

In which we discuss bi-, tri-, and heck, multi-lingualism.

BGW 250: Every day is exactly the same

In which we discuss time loops.

BatiGol Weekly 249: Bike vs Truck

In which we discuss urban transit, getting hit, and getting back up.

BatiGol Weekly 248: Seabeast

In which we discuss becalment and unbecalment.

BatiGol Weekly 247: Rising high water blues

In which we recall with a shudder one of the darkest days in recent memory for Florence.

BatiGol Weekly 246: Measuring cups

In which we discuss sorting, in the Harriest Pottiest sense of the word.

BatiGol Weekly 245: Sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches

In which we discuss what comes between the bread.

BatiGol Weekly 244: Melt your heart

In which we discuss the agonies of love unfulfilled.

BatiGol Weekly 243: Slow moves

In which we discuss the humanity of the end of the mercato.

BatiGol Weekly 242: Non-zero possibility

In which we discuss physicists, kitties, and the joys of ignorance.

BatiGol Weekly 241: Young Americans

In which we discuss some very bad suggestions to Americanize calcio.

BatiGol Weekly 240: Somewhere in time

In which we discuss very, very scientifically accurate alternate histories. No more questions, please.

BatiGol Weekly 239: Re-Ignition

In which we discuss sequels and prove that sometimes they are good with science.

BatiGol Weekly 238: Time is on my side

In which we discuss patience, waiting, and the mercato, which are all pretty much the same thing.

BatiGol Weekly 237: Why don’t you write me a letter?

In which we hack into the Della Valles’ word processors and discover some pretty interesting things, actually.

BatiGol Weekly 236: Jumper

In which we discuss, uh, well, not really anything this time, actually.

BatiGol Weekly 325: Up the devil’s pay

In which we discuss deals made with the Great Deceiver in the form of a one-act play.

BatiGol Weekly 234: Feedback

In which your humble correspondent finally realizes how to improve this website.

BatiGol Weekly 233: Thirteen years

Ciao, Davide.

BatiGol Weekly 232: Hard luck story

In which we discuss fortune and expectations.

BatiGol Weekly 231: Nobody’s fault but mine

In which we understand causation and correlation very, very well.

BatiGol Weekly 230: Resurrection Fern

In which we discuss new growth, new hope, and new plants.

BatiGol Weekly 229: Remain

In which we discuss Stoic philosophy in such a way that your freshman professor would probably kick us out of the classroom.

BatiGol Weekly 228: Merry Christmas from the family

In which we discuss alarm clocks, underwear, and genuinely scary children.