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The FIGC is investigating Rocco for being mean

The Fiorentina owner’s ongoing battle with calcio’s entrenched powers takes an amusing turn.

Friday Poll: Would you take Arsenal’s offer for Vlahović?

The Gunners have offered a silly sum for the Serbian striker. Even though he doesn’t seem too interested, would it even be worth it?

Behold, a new episode of Viola Station

Your favorite Viola podcast idiots are back in the saddle.

Napoli vs Fiorentina: Preview

Two reeling squads run into each other in the Coppa Italia round of 16 in a battle of who can flail harder.

This stream has:

Torino vs Fiorentina: Serie A 2021-2022

My, what a big yikes you have there.

Torino 4-0 Fiorentina: Recap and highlights

Putrescent. Irredeemable. Retrogressive. Unacceptable.

Torino vs Fiorentina: Lineups and how to watch

No big surprises for either side as the Viola finally get the season rolling again.

OFFICIAL: Fiorentina snap up Verónica Boquete

The decorated attacker should provide some welcome juice to the front line.

There might be something to those Isco rumors, but let’s pump the brakes a tad

Signing the Spanish playmaker would make the Viola everyone’s favorite Serie A team, but his salary is a serious stumbling block.

Report: Krzysztof Piątek will be signing shortly

This one’s coming out of nowhere but provides a welcome upgrade to the backup striker spot.