Former Juventus player seen in discussion with Fiorentina executive


The status of Leonardo Bonucci's future at Juventus has been a major topic of discussion throughout the summer transfer window. According to Calciomercato, Fiorentina might offer a resolution to this ongoing situation. Bonucci's chances of playing in Juventus' first team have diminished. Massimiliano Allegri no longer considers him a necessary part of the squad and aims to see him leave sooner rather than later. However, the 36-year-old player holds a different view from Allegri. Despite Juventus' active search for a suitable transfer destination, no suitable option has emerged. Just when it seemed like their attempts to offload the Italian international were failing, a new opportunity emerged. Fiorentina's director, Daniele Prade, was seen having breakfast with Bonucci on a Sunday morning. As reported earlier this week, the tense situation between Juventus and Bonucci could escalate further. To prevent any unpleasant confrontations and the potential legal disputes, the experienced defender might have discovered a peaceful resolution.