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Let’s get one more Viola Station in before the season ends

Your favorite podcast idiots are back and in fine form, which means whatever you think it does.

Sarah Bernhardt... Photo by Fototeca Gilardi/Getty Images

Well, this one isn’t perfectly timed. Your favorite Viola podcast idiots recorded this on the Sunday before a certain afternoon at the Luigi Ferraris that devastated Fiorentina’s European aspirations in the most brutal way possible, so our emotional and psychological states have, hm, deteriorated since then. On the other hand, maybe some bubbly optimism will help push some of those clouds away, even though our first topic is (sigh) Fiorentina’s chances of qualifying for Europe and whether that would determine the overall success of this season.

We also discussed the situation of Fiorentina’s strikers, debating Arthur Cabral’s role and possible reinforcements in the summer before veering into another topic that’s a bit of a bummer: why the Viola play both up and down to whatever team they’re facing that day. The highlight, however, is a conversation with Danny Penza, our favorite (only?) Juventus-supporting friend and boss of Black & White & Read All Over. We chew over what’s working and not working for the Bianconeri with a view to figuring out what match day 38 might bring.

Along the way, we learned that Mike is absolutely fearless in the face of jinxes, that Tito is ready to jump on the beefy striker train, and that maybe Juve should avoid Brazilian midfielders surnamed Melo.

As always, we had a blast making this. A huge thank you goes to Producer Mike_Hines for making us sound smarter than we are, and to Windchime Weather for our theme music. If the embedded podcast player isn’t present right above this paragraph, we implore you not to panic. Instead, you can check this episode out for free on Megaphone, Apple, Google, or Spotify. As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. If you feel like it, give us a review on whatever platform you listen on.