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Friday Poll: Does tomorrow’s game determine the season’s success?

It’s pretty rare that we can think of a single match representing an entire season. And maybe we shouldn’t.


Following last week’s soggy fart against Sampdoria, Fiorentina’s season is down to one game. It’s a game that could determine whether or not the Viola return to European competition after a 7 year absence. And, of course, that game is against the hated Juventus, who knocked them out of the Coppa Italia and signed superstar striker Dušan Vlahović in January. It’s about as clear a victory for the Narrative™ as you could imagine: beat your biggest rivals and the guy who was your best player earlier this year and go to Europe, or fail and don’t.

Of course, this game is just 2.3616% of the season. No matter how much we, the media, and the team itself builds this one up, it’s just 1 match out of 38; the previous 37 provide exponentially more insight into the club; what happens in these final 90 minutes may slightly color the entirety of this year’s work, but does not define it. Indeed, considering the past 3 years, the simple fact that this club is flirting with the Conference League is a monumental achievement.

On the other hand, though, Fiorentina has had so many chances to clinch a European place this year and fumbled every opportunity. 4 losses in their past 5 Serie A matches, including reversals against deeply unimpressive sides like Salernitana, Udinese, and Sampdoria. A second half collapse of the attack, largely down to the departure of Vlahović, has narrowed the margins considerably, and the remaining players have wilted when thrust into the spotlight. Getting so close, only to capitulate, is a wildly frustrating collapse for a team that’s specialized in wildly frustrating collapses over the past decade.


With all the eggs on the line (or whatever metaphor you prefer), it comes down to this: Is Fiorentina’s season a failure if they don’t make Europe?

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