Why I think Italiano has revived Firenze

Italiano has changed the way our players work. They play beautifully, they just enjoy playing. Its interesting their shift in mentality, when they're having fun, the players just go at it.

I lived (we lived) through the horrendous past few years, where we saw the usual Fiorentina with big promise but nothing to add. But now, we have something. With Piatek coming in with something to prove, & the new signing showing great promise - I think we are on to some thing.

I have been digging in to find some formations on how we could play, however, I think there's a lot to uncover. The 4-3-3 is a great system, however I'd love to see piatek and Cabral together. I think the 4-1-2-1-2 could give great versatility as well as it could evolve to the 4-3-3 diamond that Italiano loves.

Anyways I think bright days ahead for us, what do you guys think of my analysis? Do you think we could maybe dream of a champions league spot next year? Haha maybe its too much, but seeing them play football like this is quite beautiful, it makes you hopeful of what's to come aye!