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Got questions? Maybe we’ve got answers.

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots are ready to answer whatever you’re wondering about.

Stone postbox with male figure, Treia, Marche, Italy... Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

As we head into the international break, it can feel like there’s not much to talk about from a Fiorentina perspective for the next few weeks. Sure, we can try to feed ourselves on transfer rumors or stadium updates, but those tidbits serve only to whet the appetite rather than satisfy it. It’s a bleak little stretch.

Since your favorite podcast idiots (that’s McMike and me, for the record) are still sitting down to chatter into the microphones this weekend, though, we won’t have as much to discuss. Don’t get me wrong, we can fill a few hours with our usual mix of Viola gossip and 90s cultural references, but without any games, it won’t be especially topical.

That’s why we’re opening the floor to you, dear reader. Send us your questions and we’ll answer them on the air. Drop a comment below or hit us on Twitter. Want to pick McMike’s brain about the machinations of a new stadium? Want to hear me pontificate about tactics? Want to hear Producer Mike_Hines read out something absolutely absurd with an alarmingly straight face? This is your chance.

Get your questions in by Saturday, please, and we’ll do our best to answer them. See you in the bunker.