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Bang a gong because we’ve got a new Viola Station

Your favorite podcast idiots return with your favorite podcast idiocy.

FORT BOYARD 1999 (23051; 10 YEARS OF THE PROGRAMME) Photo by Jean-François Rault/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s been a minute since we recorded one of these, so let’s dive into it. Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots have their plates full. The conversation begins with a discussion of the winter transfer window and how the Viola did in it, and yes, we did mention Dušan Vlahović once or twice. That took us to the Coppa Italia, where we remained pretty giddy after a famous victory, and even managed to engage in some rare optimism while looking at the prospects for the rest of the season.

Along the way, we learned what Mike’s secret word was (prizes to anyone who can guess it (not really)), that Tito isn’t very confident in his Albanian pronunciation, and that botflies are a good reason to panic. We (or rather I) also learned that sometimes the website software updates overnight when I schedule things to publish and then they, uh, don’t publish. What a joyful and educational experience we’ve all shared here.

As always, we had a blast making this. A huge thank you goes to Producer Mike_Hines for making us sound smarter than we are, and to Windchime Weather for our theme music. If the embedded podcast player isn’t present right above this paragraph, we implore you not to panic. Instead, you can check this episode out for free on Megaphone, Apple, Google, or Spotify. As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. If you feel like it, give us a review on whatever platform you listen on.