Interesting Fiorentina Statistics and Charts


For my first post I am gonna share some interesting Fiorentina statistics, data, and charts. I did my programming in R for this. I got data from I focused on touches that Fiorentina had on the ball. If you have any questions on how I did this, let me know by commenting!

First off, what happens win Fiorentina wins?

Fiorentina Wins - Touches in the Attacking Third

I would expect that Fiorentina will always have more touches than their opponent in the final third when they win, right?! I guess that's not always the case. Let's look at total touches when they win:

Fiorentina Wins - Total Touches

Same case with the total touches! That's crazy. Why don't they always have more total touches than their opponent when they win?

Now, here's where it gets crazy. Whey they lose. What happens when Fiorentina loses?!

Fiorentina Losses - Touches in the Attacking Third

Wait, what?! They have more touches than their opponent in the final third when they lose, apparently. I guess they're just not clinical in the final third (obviously, they lost). How about total touches when Fiorentina loses:

Fiorentina Losses - Total Touches

Well, darn. It's the same sort of pattern. Why why why?

I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at the figures! Next post, I will show off Luka Jovic's performance this season performance on a shot map.

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