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Ask us some questions and we’ll give you some answers

Your favorite podcast idiots are listening.

Question mark on wall Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images

It’s been a little while since we did a call and response on the ol’ podcast, so it’s probably time to run another one. Drop your questions here or on Twitter and Mike and I will do our best to answer them when we record tomorrow afternoon. We’re mostly here for Fiorentina stuff, but we’ll also happy to field questions on Serie A, the World Cup, the transfer market, the finest Brunello wines, and where to get a tattoo in Seattle.

All we ask is that you keep the questions approximately PG-13 rated. We do encourage the use of long names because we love making Producer Mike try to figure out the sorts of pronunciations that a guy whose name is composed of monosyllables tends to struggle with, but that’s just a pleasant bonus for us. Do you.

So yeah. Looking forward to hearing from everyone, and you’ll be hearing from us in the next couple of days. Get those questions in by 10:00 PM GMT/5:00 PM EST.