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Viola Station 25 has a little bit of everything

A chat with Massimiliano Lelli highlighted an episode where we were pretty well all over the place, touching on everything from Antognoni to Fiorentina Femminile to Moena.

Camping Holiday Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

This is usually the most hopeful time of year for a Fiorentina fan, so the Mikes and I decided that now was the right time to record an episode and break out of our usual fugue state of Viola-induced sadness. And, right on schedule, we got to discuss Giancarlo Antognoni’s acrimonious departure from the club. Fugue state re-entered.

We spent a lot of time talking about Fiorentina Femminile in this one too, although the start of a completely new cycle means that we’re not as optimistic about the team’s chances in the league for this year, although we remain hopeful about the future. After that we dipped into what’s going on at Moena and what we’re looking for in the first season under Vincenzo Italiano. We wrapped up with a quick interview with Europa Viola founder and friend of the site Massimiliano Lelli, although we had some connectivity issues and thus apologize if some of the audio’s a bit scrambled.

As always, we had a blast making this. Huge thank you to Producer Mike_Hines for doing all the actual work, and thank you to Windchime Weather for our theme music. If the embedded podcast player isn’t present right above this paragraph, we implore you not to panic. Instead, you can check this episode out for free on Megaphone, Apple, Google, or Spotify. As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.