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Tune into Viola Station 23 because why not?

Hey, it’s a new episode and hey, it’s a really good one.

Pet Radio Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

The season’s over but there’s still plenty of fodder for your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots to chew on. This time around, we looked back at the season that was (not fun) and looked ahead at the season that will be (considerably more fun). To add a fun wrinkle, we tried really hard to be extra-positive about everything, which, as you may have gathered by now, isn’t always super easy for Mike and me.

The second half of the episode features none other than journalist extraordinaire Massimo Basile, who you may recognize from, like, being on TV in Tuscany. Turns out he’s actually the nicest dang guy you could hope to meet, and, more pertinent to this subject, almost absurdly knowledgeable about calcio in general and Fiorentina in particular. We chatted with him about all kinds of fun stuff, none more important than how to hide on a train in Bologna.

As always, we had a blast making this. Huge thank you to Producer Mike_Hines for doing all the actual work, and thank you to Windchime Weather for our theme music. If the embedded podcast player isn’t present right above this paragraph, we implore you not to panic. Instead, you can check this episode out for free on Megaphone, Apple, Google, or Spotify. As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.