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Send us your podcast questions, please

Step into our office.

White House Operator On Switchboard
Standing by to receive.

Well hello there. Haven’t seen you in a bit. Lovely hat you’re wearing. Look, we don’t have time for a whole lot of chit chat here. Mike and I are recording a podcast this weekend and, since there’s so little to talk about with Fiorentina these days (that is a joke), we’d like yall to send us in your questions.

They can range from ultra-nerd data and tactics stuff (probably for me) to team-building and stadium business (probably for Mike), from 1990s comedies to Italian wine to parenting (all probably for Mike as well). As usual, we’ll read them out, brutally mispronounce your name even though we’re trying very hard not to, and do our best to answer, unless Steve’s reading this. Steve, you know what you did, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

(If your name is actually Steve, don’t worry because I’m definitely talking about a different Steve. Unless you’re the Steve who did the thing, in which case I’m definitely talking about you.)

Feel free to drop responses in the comments below. You can also get us on the angry bird website if that’s more your speed. Or you could just go outside and start shouting your questions to the skies. We probably won’t respond, either on the podcast or anywhere else, but you should definitely do some shrieking into the the atmosphere that’s the only thing keeping us from the vast and featureless horror of the void.