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Friday Poll: What’s the best season for calcio?

This game is the gift that gives all year round.

After the storm - Baden-Wuerttemberg Photo by Thomas Warnack/picture alliance via Getty Images

As the place I live subsides into cold and grey for the winter, I’ve been thinking a lot about the seasons. Because most things I think about eventually connect to Fiorentina, I also started thinking about what the best season is for the Viola, and then for the game in general, both watching and playing.

Autumn is wonderful to play in: the crisp air and cooler temperatures with maybe a bit of rain make running around a lot more fun. From a fan perspective, too, a new season has just begun; even if you’re pessimistic about your team’s prospects (which is pretty frequent around these parts), you can’t help but wonder if this is the year that the stars align and everything comes up roses for you.

Winter isn’t as fun to play in, especially if you’re somewhere that gets really cold; that also usually means shorter days, so evening games require lights. On the other hand, it’s maybe the best time to watch the game on a screen, secure in your coziness as you see the players shivering under their enormous parkas while you sip a warming beverage on your couch.

Spring frequently means mud, which can make playing either hilarious or awful, but at least the temperatures and daylight are a bit more cooperative, and, just as important, getting back out there feels great. It’s also when the title race and the continental competitions heat up and conclude, so even if your team isn’t involved (that’s us), you can at least watch some really good, high-stakes soccer.

Summer can be too warm to play in sometimes, but there is something wonderfully childlike about running around on a hot afternoon. It’s also when all the transfer stories spiral out of control, letting all of us dream way bigger than we ought to and imagine glories that are never going to survive past the first real game, when the squad’s shortcomings are thrown into stark relief.


What’s the best season for calcio?

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