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Report: Four asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in women’s squad

By all counts it sounds like they’re safe, but a reminder that we’re not nearly out of the woods with this stuff yet.

Stéphanie Öhrström goalkeeper of Fiorentina, during the... Photo by Vincenzo Izzo/LightRocket via Getty Images

In still-feels-like-2020 news, Fiorentina has announced that four members of the women’s first team have tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, it’s also been reported that all four members who tested positive are asymptomatic and currently in isolation.

It’s another reminder for us that we need to stay vigilant and understanding of the situation our players have gone through over the past few months for the sake of our entertainment. That goes double for the women’s side, given their lack of financial protections compared to Fiorentina’s men, but thankfully Serie A Femminile rid itself of its antiquated semiprofessional status in January 2020, allowing their players to earn livable salaries. Considering the reputation of our league however, these initiatives always take much longer than they should—so hopefully our players have been adequately supported in response to this news.

As always, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that these positive cases haven’t spread to anyone else on the team and their respective families. It’s also worth noting that the Supercoppa semifinal match against AC Milan takes place on January 6, so we’re awaiting news on what players we’re missing ahead of this clash.

Not the best news to start 2021, but we’ll take some solace in the fact that all affected parties appear to be safe at the moment (knock on wood). Let’s hope that everyone returns to full health as soon as possible. Stay safe, everyone.