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Friday Poll: For the final shirt poll of the year (promise), what do we think of the third kit?

Getting rather tired of these but somebody’s got to figure it out.

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Second question: Is the knit shirt better than the mustache above it?
Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

We’ve already looked at and graded Fiorentina’s home and away shirts and arrived at the conclusion that they fall somewhere between acceptably mediocre and reasonably decent. They looked great on Fiorentina Femminile last week—steamrolling Inter Milan 4-0 helps—although the €89 price tag in the official team store feels excessive.

Now, though, we’ve got a third shirt to look at. Gone is Le Coq Sportif’s “Quattro Quartiere, Uno Solo Cuore” campaign and its 4 alternate jerseys; it was fun for a season or two but got a bit exhausting to keep track of towards the end. In its place is a red shirt with a white cross, as if a colorblind tailor had tried to make a Parma shirt. Stefano also notes that the logo may be a different color in the final version.

It’s actually a nod to the flag flown by the Republic of Florence in the 15th century, which was itself based on the flag of the House of Savoy. Kappa, like LCS before it, has taken inspiration from the city’s rich history for the third kit and then put it on a shirt.


Last uni poll this year. We promise. What grade does this one get for you?

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Here’s your weekend thread. Stay loose, yall.