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Fiorentina Femminile - A night to be remembered for many reasons

Big win - Check. Cincotta ready for the cover of GQ - Check. Best fans around - Check.

Viola Club Go Women’s at Grazie Assai Restaurant in Firenze
Viola Club Go Women’s

Yesterday was a special day for Fiorentina Femminile, their supporters and anyone who has been thinking of following Serie A Femminile. Antonio Cincotta rolled out a bunch of new faces against Inter Milan, a group that has been full of promise and expectations. If there is any way to start a fairy tale, this was it.

As Cincotta’s girls easily handled Inter Milan, Fiorentina Femminile’s merry band of phanatics were across the street at Grazzi Assai, enjoying a quaint dinner for - forty. Throughout Viola Club Go Women’s history, they have always supported the Viola women with a passion that is unlike any in Serie A Femminile.

The night started out honoring one of the women who made Fiorentina Femminile what it is today - legendary bomber Ilaria Mauro. A brochure was handed out to every member in attendance, honoring Ilaria. A purple rose helped hold up a banner that the group created. A few stories, a toast for Ilaria and a lot of love was shared by the Go Women’s members, remembering their forever star.

Many of us who have been following the Fiorentina Femminile for a while now took great pride in seeing Greta Adami given the captains armband. A phenomenal talent, Greta has been with the club since its inception. She has sweat and bled as much as anyone for this jersey. What most of us who weren’t inside the Grazie Assai restaurant don’t know is that she ran on to the pitch with a custom captains armband designed by Viola Club Go Women’s.

The race kicks off and Fiorentina Femminile absolutely own the game from that first minute onward. By now, hopefully most of us have seen the game or highlights. Two goals by Daniela Sabatino, then a goal each by Marta Mascarello and future club legend, Tatiana Bonetti saw our girls ease into their first win of the season. Just as important as the win was the words from Sabatino, Adami and Cincotta afterwards.

Sabatino had this powerful statement. “Every goal is for him. Every goal is for my dad”.

Cincotta added, “This is the performance I was asking for. Courage, intensity, personality. Plots and a great desire to propose football and game ideas. The best way to get back to doing what we love most. Thanks to the staff and the club, who made this possible.”

Adami said, “It was an emotion, we had been stopped for a long time. Then do it at the Franchi, unfortunately empty. We played a great match, the result is clear. We have to keep improving and getting to know each other.”

The fun didn't end post game though. Those forty members of Go Women’s made their way to the stadium and made sure the women of Fiorentina knew that they were there to support them. Such a special bond!

The man, the myth, the legend
Viola Club Go Women’s