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Fiorentina Reactions Around the World - Bologna


Just a couple weeks ago I said on our podcast that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to see Chiesa go. I would accept taking the cash from his sale and reinvesting it into the club. That was the old Chiesa. If we could see this Chiesa every week, or even one third of this Chiesa, I want him. He was fabulous, and when he plays this way, everyone else play so much better. So here, I will say it, I was wrong. Please Fede, stay!

This Bologna game was so exciting to watch, especially the second half. There wasn’t a facet of the game that was missing. It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch this, and then seeing Federico Brancolini come in near the end to get some Serie A minutes was fabulous.

Opportunistically following the 4-0 thrashing, Rocco wasted no time to announce Beppe as next season’s coach. Readers can debate the reappointment all day long but what cannot be debated is the love and respect that Beppe has from his players. On multiple occasions since the restart, Fiorentina players rushed towards Iachini and jumped all over him as their post-goal celebration. In fact, if this was the NFL, they would be flagged for bringing objects not already on the field into their touchdown celebrations.

As we go into the final game of the season, Fiorentina are riding high on momentum. Unlike last year, this club has the opportunity to close the season out with 13 points in their final 6 games. That is something that needs to be celebrated, especially when we know we already have an upgrade to the squad coming in a few weeks in the form of Sofyan Amrabat. The rest we will all discuss and debate here soon enough.

Lets hear from fans around the world.

Rafael Guty member of Viola Club Indonesia - Chiesa won big, the last fight was very decisive. He is a player who is worth defending and worth throwing out, and seeing the needs of each line.’

World’s Two Time Gelato Champion, Sergio Dondoli of Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano - “Good first half for Fiorentina who controlled the midfield easily and had an excellent opportunity in the twenty-sixth minute with Chiesa and after that of Bologna with Samson. However, slower pace of play by both teams that seem tired. The first half ended with an opportunity wasted by Bologna. The second half started immediately well with the Giallorossi of Chiesa at 47. At 53, a beautiful goal of Church that with stubbornness and elegance made a nice personal action end with the shot on goal. Fiorentina dominated the game also because Bologna disappeared from the playing field. To 74 a great goal by Milenkovich in the penalty area after a header by Pezzella on a corner. The Florentine controls the race but there is still time to see the third Church goal, the most beautiful of the evening. Today was a good Florentine win and a Super Church!”

Yotam Shavit, President of Viola Club Israel - “Beppe has weird player choices again; Ghezzal and Dalbert both had bad games in my opinion and should have come off sooner. Dalbert was just frustrating at times, Ghezzal was ruining attacks and gave the ball away. I enjoyed seeing Venuti though. Midfield was great with Castro and Duncan playing well.”