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Sign up for the second Viola Nation (un)happy hour

We don’t have anything else going on. Do you?

Champagne In Glasses Photo by JHU Sheridan Libraries/Gado/Getty Images

For the first time in a long time, it feels like we can exhale a little bit. The thrice-accursed season is done and dusted. The transfer market hasn’t opened yet, although that hasn’t stopped the usual mix of optimistic and idiotic rumors from making the rounds. Fiorentina Femminile kick off their season on Saturday, though, and that beacon of calcio in an otherwise desolate landscape seems like a great reason to celebrate.

“How should we celebrate, Tito?” you ask. “We’re scattered across the globe and all staying home. Pretty tough to celebrate under these conditions.” Well, hypothetical VN reader who doesn’t actually represent any of you, we’ve got a solution. And, like everything else right now, it’s Zoom.

Specifically, tell us when you’re free this Sunday, 23 August 2020, to join us on a video conference to talk about the season opener against Inter Milan the day before (we’ll have more on that later), the player market, whether or not your neck tattoo idea is better than Erick Pulgar’s, or whatever else is rattling around in your brain.

We’ve done this once before and, speaking for myself, it was really cool to meet yall and put some faces to names. As we did last time, fill out the form here to let us know what time or times (you can fill in more than one slot) are best for you. As with last time, the VN crew is very sorry for anyone who gets frozen out due to time zone or scheduling issues, but I can’t figure out a better way to set this up. Also, all times are GMT; make sure you’re smarter than I am and get your time zone conversions straight.

I’ll tabulate the votes on Friday and schedule the Zoom call for the time that’s best for the most people, then post an article with the results. If you’re interested in joining, leave a comment and we’ll email you a link and a password on Saturday. We’ll keep the call running until we’re all sick of looking at each other and then go our separate ways. It’ll be great. And really, what else do you have on your calendar? Come hang out.