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Friday Poll: What do we think of the leaked Fiorentina shirt?

We may have our first glimpse of the Kappa jersey for next year.

Bread & Butter Berlin - Kappa Photo by Marc Tirl/picture alliance via Getty Images

Le Coq Sportif has, on the whole, done an adequate job of outfitting Fiorentina since taking over in 2015. The Quattro Quartiere, Un Cuore Viola campaign was fun, although the four away strips has gotten a bit stale over the past three seasons. There probably aren’t a lot of us who’ll look back at LQS for their incredible work like we do with J.D. Farrow’s (1983-5), but at least they haven’t slapped a swastika on the shirt either.

We’ve known for quite some time that Kappa will be kitting the Viola out next season. The Turin-based company has done very nice work with Sassuolo but some rather iffy stuff with Napoli, but our initial thoughts were fairly positive based on the overall body of their work. We’re at least not dreading the official unveiling.

Yesterday, some screenshots of the kit “leaked” onto the internet, as will happen. We’re a bit skeptical that it’s true, but it’s at least worth taking a look at (FirenzeViola has a few more shots if you’re interested).


What do we think of this one, sports fans?

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