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Look out, world: Viola Station 9 is here

It’s been a long season and a long time since we had one of these, so you’d best believe it’s a long podcast.

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Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

It’s been a little while but Viola Station is back, folks. We apologize for anyone who was hoping to get one of these earlier, but it turns out that covering two games a week while also having other jobs and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity is pretty dang tough even without recording one of these. Good thing we’ve got plenty of time to...

I’ve just been handed a note...

Fiorentina Femmenile kick off in less than two weeks? Oh, good lord. Wait, I’ve just been handed another note.

The men start in 40 days? Wooooof.

Anyways, Mike and I spent this one looking back over the indescribably chaotic season we just witnessed, from Rocco Commisso’s takeover of the team to the let’s say unbalanced product on the field and onto what we can hope for next year. Along the way, you’ll get to hear Mike have to restrain himself from choking me for criticizing his large adult son. You’ll also hear Mike definitely not suggest vandalizing a government official’s house, nope, definitely not, why would you even suggest that because it definitely didn’t happen. You’ll also get to hear the first ever bleeped-out profanity we’ve produced.

If the episode isn’t showing up in the embedded player right above this, you can find it on Megaphone, Apple, Google, or Spotify.