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Fiorentina Reactions Around The World - Parma

What does Alka-Seltzer have to do with Fiorentina?

Fiorentina v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

If one of the first things going through your mind after Sunday’s game wasn’t Alka-Seltzer, it should have been. Just remember the old commercials.

[Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz.]

“Oh, what a relief it is!”


Yes, that is what went through my mind as that game finished, the final three whistles blew, and Fiorentina exited Parma with a full three points.

I was honestly surprised by some of the selections upon looking at the starting lineups, but Beppe found a way to get hungry players on the pitch and hopefully put a knot in the pit of the stomach for all of those who feel entitled to a starting position. Duncan, Igor, Pulgar, Milenkovic all looked GREAT.

The nicest thing that came out of this win was it’s timing. Fiorentina needed a win more than anything, but they got it in a game that was nationally televised here in the United States. What that means is that not only did a whole bunch of my co-workers, who I am sure are sick of hearing me talk about Fiorentina 24x7 got to watch the game, but Rocco and all of his friends and family did as well. It is great to know that after all of the angst that Rocco has had to endure from afar, he was able to enjoy watching his team get a win for all the masses to see.

Now let’s hear from our global fans!

Andrea Di Salvo - Charming host of Lady Radio - “We had to win and we did it, even if the game was not brilliant. The 2 penalties saved us. We took the 3 points we needed. We pushed Lecce away to 9 points. The sooner we get to the salvation quota, the sooner we can think about next season. Now onto with Cagliari.”

Stefano Del Corona, Director of - “Fiorentina won a game after a long time and this is great news. The relegation nightmare is driven away almost permanently. Not an exciting game, but this goes into the background.”

Matteo Bambi on behalf of Viola Club Paris - “This time thankfully Lady Luck smiled at us. Three fundamental points that weren’t expected against Kulusevski and Gervinho. The problem we have scoring a goal is still there and it’s very bad, it’s so bad that it seems they wouldn’t be able to score even with their hands. They have to fix it as soon as possible and start making the right choices for next season. Really hoping that rumors as DeRossi are just like an insignificant snow crash on your brand new tv.”

Fabio “Stone Crusher” Turchi, 2019 WBC International Cruiserweight Champ and 2013 Mediterranean Games Gold Medalist - “It was a game that highlighted the usual problems we have in a game. However it is 3 fundamental points on a difficult field that give us a big sigh of relief. It makes me think that we will reach salvation quite easily.”

Dhayan Amiey, President of Viola Club Indonesia - “The composition of the selection of players was quite interesting. After all this time as substitutes, Igor, Venuti, Duncan and Benassi started. All three players were able to show an impressive performance. It was an appropriate selection from Iachini, but it showed that Cutrone can not be a mainstay on the front line.

The game was quite good in the first half and as usual there was a decline in the second half. This is something that Iachini needs to fix immediately. There are still other matches to address this. Apart from 2 goals from Pulgar, the game Venuti and Terracciano had can be given a thumbs up and they should be given a chance to return in the upcoming match.”

Gianni Matteo Rontani, President of the Rocco Commisso Fan Club - “After the bad performance against Sassuolo at home I see no other choice but to end Bebbe Iachini’s journey. Beppe did line up the most motivated players as starters, leaving the lazy ones to sit down. Tonight we needed the three points and the points have arrived. In the second half he gave brought on those players who had been watching... The strategy that worked against Parma away from home could have worked before against Sassuolo and Brescia. The three points are invaluable for morale, but there is nothing to celebrate. Unfortunately I continue to see Iachini still confused. There are still 26 races left. It may seem unpopular but in view of the next year’s championship, Rocco’s advisers should immediately choose the new MR. This time it is forbidden to make any mistakes!”

Sergio Dondoli, two time Gelato World Champion and Owner of the world’s best gelato at Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano - “Finally we managed to win and with merit. We played a good first half with great tactical precision, the second half Parma immediately managed to score and made us tremble with fear for twenty minutes. Unfortunately we were unable to take advantage of three excellent opportunities to take us on 1 - 3 that would have allowed us not to suffer until the end. However, the game was won with merit. Finally we saw a good Duncan and waiting for the best Castrovilli. With both we hope to find a Fiorentina who makes us suffer less.”

Gianluca Caminati, President of Viola Club KK - Gli Ingestibili and host of CurvaSport - Bar Live - “Before the game after the official training, I heard and read a lot of perplexity about the coach’s choices. I honestly thought that the club, through Joe Barone asked Iachini for a change under the character plan and in my opinion the coach focused on the players more ready and more concrete. They may be less attractive but bring more substance, therefore a more pragmatic midfield with Pulgar, Duncan and Benassi and at the beginning with Chiesa and Castrovilli on the bench! It must be said that this time the Mister was right. If we had lost the criticisms would have been endless and devastating for him. Instead Beppe did good this time and studied them well, Selecting Venuti on the right was decisive, unfortunately he hit the crossbar but got a penalty procured. Duncan was supremely great in the middle and Ribery did what Ribery does as only he knows how to do it!

Cutrone is missing from the appeal. He is not a center forward who touches 100 balls per game, but when he touches them, opportunities arise. At this point I take these 3 important points with a smile and pray that Frenck was just a knock. He is our beacon, the leader, the reference point and we hope to have him available from next!”

Maurizio Gamberucci of Viola Club Texas - “After the fake news about De Rossi as coach, we finally saw the team focused and committed to redeem itself. Pulgar killed from the penalty spot, but we still had so many failed attempts over the bar. Cutrone and Sottil appear as two naked guns. All the best to Marco Benassi!”

Yotam Shavit, President of Viola Club Israel - “Finally a win after 10 games. While its not a relegation-preventing win, a win is a win even if its as scrappy as Sunday. The first half started well, the second not as good. There were a couple of very nice surprises in the lineup such as Venuti, Terracciano, Igor and Duncan, who was a pivotal player in the middle. I would love to see this rotation again now that we are seeing more injuries. One thing is for sure, someone needs to teach our forwards how to score.”