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ACCVC and ATF Announce Stadium Petition [UPDATED]

You can sign this through ViolaNation - Here’s how

Torre di maratona, giovanni berta stadium, florence 30s Photo by: Touring Club Italiano/Marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Update: 6 July 2020

There’s a petition that you can click to sign here.

Original post

ACCVC and ATF are once again taking their protest to the next level against those who stand in the way of a new stadium. Both groups started circulating a form through their social media platforms that will allow all fans, those in an official affiliated Viola Club and those who are not to pen their name to the movement.

ViolaNation was asked to support this effort in Firenze by reaching out to those in our base and trying to generate signatures. This means that you too can help to create the new stadium. There are a couple ways you could participate if you are interested in signing the form.

First you could send us a request to sign the physical form at We will send the latest form to you to sign and you can send it back to us. You can also post in the comments below your full name and that you approve ViolaNation signing this form on your behalf. We will sign the form on your behalf and include your name with other members who will ultimately be included in helping build the new stadium.

Alessandro Sisto, Viola Club New York President and North American Delegate for ACCVC added this. “I support this initiative 100%. It is very important to have your voice hear and be part of the Viola mass but I also think that we need to keep an eye on the team. At the moment, it is critical for us to focus our efforts on the field. The priority at the moment has the be the restart of this project.”

Here is the announcement that was sent out from ACCVC and ATF Friday.


Like for Roberto Baggio; as for Vittorio Cecchi Gori...

Recently, Roberto Baggio’s much contested transfer has been told with details: ′′ A story that could have belonged to the novels of Boccaccio or to the Pazzi conspiracy. Baggio wasn’t just about football, 30 years ago. It was a social, political and costume fact “.

Our social and political fact today is the question of the stadium: history repeats itself in every aspect. We live it now, in 30 years someone will tell it by showing how things really were, showing what we assume and of which we don’t know for sure, what we know and of which we can’t show proof. Then we will all have (or at least those who will still be there) the same reaction of disgust and dismay because once again we will touch the fact that the issue is managed by political and economic power in the interest of few and not of Florentines, today just like then.

While aware of this and reaffirming the will to not want to enter political issues that we know and understand very well (we will not be satisfied with a scapegoat), for the good of Florence and Fiorentina we must go on showing our tiredness (we will not be satisfied with a scapegoat) we’re pissed off! Cit. ) towards the behavior of the institutions and the political and economic powers of the usual more or less known.

So let’s firmly reiterate the union of organized cheer, the one that in April 2002 led almost thirty thousand fans to go to the square to contest Vittorio Cecchi Gori, who was able to collect over twenty thousand signatures and who gathered compact after almost twenty years Just as done for the initiative of Friday 19 June, organized by the Fiesole Curva, which has seen us all united, together and has already passed to history not only for fairness but above all for the typically Florentine irony. We reject to the sender the continuous attacks we receive day after day against the supporters of Franchi and Fields.... To date we know very well that neither of the two solutions we talk about is feasible but we reiterate that we want the stadium! A stadium in line with the ambitions of the fans, with Florence, the city of Lorenzo the Magnificent, the city in which Brunelleschi, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli and many others worked. In line with this Florence, not with what has been on sale for several years.

Considering that since we took initiatives to support the will of the fans, things have not improved at all, indeed.... (the outcome of the parliamentary interpellance on the Franchi with the Minister’s reply and that date - a new protection measure of 20 May 2020; the indiscretions that not even the simplifications decree will help; a traffic that will never be realized), we feel obliged to show how many tired fans are (we broke our balls! Cit. ), the fans who... ′′ We want the stadium “. Associations, Viola Clubs, partners, non-affiliated fans, everyone but just everyone will be able to collect with special form the signature of those who believe that a stadium in line with Florence is necessary and they will no longer tolerate this situation.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.......... LETS SEE HOW MANY WE ARE

The form that will have to be used by both Associations and Viola Club and fans to collect signatures. The forms can be delivered to the Associations in paper after contact or digital at the following email addresses (; Signatures can be collected until August 2 We will then proceed with formal delivery to the institutions.

We remember that the initiative can also be supported by non-affiliated fans, by all those who want to make it their own, participate with us and who want to help us. We count on the collaboration of the Viola Club not only in Florence and the province but also in Tuscany, from all the other regions of Italy and the world.

Thank you. Thank you.


Forza Viola! Batti il Parma