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Fiorentina Reactions Around the World - Roma

Insanity - Watching Serie A over and over again and expecting them to fix their shit

Fiorentina fans cheer on of ACF Fiorentina prior to the... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/LightRocket via Getty Images

By now, should we expect anything different from the VAR-inept Serie A?

By now can Serie A put aside ego and work towards ensuring accuracy?

Enough about the awful officiating against Roma. Discussing this could become a full-time job.

Iachini has done so much for this team in keeping us up. Perhaps, without a break in play as a result of Covid, Beppe could have seen the team’s momentum continue and he could have turned that into something. I wish Iachini would have shown more in these games since returning, primarily because that once bountiful coaching buffet we read rumors about just a few weeks ago seems to look more like a Subway restaurant, with the same sub choices that have always been there.

There is nothing wrong with a Subway hoagie, but if we knew Giampaolo and Di Francesco were the names we would be choosing from, I would have loved to see Beppe giving himself a chance to stay on. That said, we cannot go into another season with another timid coach and game plan. We need decisive coaching.


Lets hear from Viola fans globally

Budi member of Viola Club Indonesia - “VAR is useless but not used. Satan is indeed a referee!”

Alessandro Sisto, President of Viola Club New York - “I think it was an equally played game. We didn’t play like we wanted to win but more like we played not to lose. I think having Chiesa very low on the wing reduced his potentional impact on the game. I also didnt like Lirola’s performance. Besides the first penalty he missed a lot of passes. He was playing very well before Covid on the right wing, I am confused why he is now playing on the left. Pulgar seemed hidden in the midfield, unable to really start positive play. From a sport point of view I dont understand what happened with the second penalty. I have so many questions and I cannot explain any of them. Why did the ref touch the ball in favor of Roma and not stop play? Dzeko was already falling to ground and clearly missed the goal - why was this not reviewed by VAR? It may be coincindence, but Guida (4th man on staff) was there in the Lazio game, he could have said something but he didn’t. I wonder if all the strong press releasesfrom our club and President had a negative impact on this.”

Maurizio Gamerucci, President of Viola Club Texas - “Considering the circumstances I would elegantly refuse to ask for the replay of the game. The referee’s mistakes have been widely acknowledged. We mad our point. I was surprised to see Chiesa playing mostly in a defensive position on the right side, but that comes with the attitude this coach has during most of the games, tailoring our approach to the tactic of the other team. If he would only find the courage to lead the game, especially in the last few games where we have nothing to lose, we could consider keeping him for the next season.”

Yotam Shavit, President of Viola Club Israel - “The best thing would be to see if the sports judge cancels the match, although I doubt that @$%&@^) would admit a wrong call(s).”