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Fiorentina Reactions Around the World - Torino

Everything looks brighter after two wins in a row.

ACF Fiorentina v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Andrea Di Salvo - Charming host of Lady Radio: Finally salvation is official. Mathematically, we remain in Serie A. The victory in Lecce gave us a lot of serenity and the lack of pressure, it gave us the opportunity to play calmly and the second consecutive victory arrived. Now it is up to the Viola leadership to start planning a future with fewer fears. It will be the second consecutive year that we’re finally saved. The choice of the new coach will make us understand the direction. Forza Viola!

Rio Efendi, Viola Club Indonesia: Finally, Fiorentina is certain to survive in Serie A. Hopefully next season is more frivolous!

Next season is Andrea Belotti or Mario Mandžukić? Better use players from academies. Just looking for a mentor to help improve performance. It is useless to sell Chiesa if the replacement transfer is no better than Chiesa.

Gianni Matteo Rontani, President of the Rocco Commisso Fan Club: These are the three most important points of the season. They arrive 6 months after their last home win, thanks to Ribery’s infinite talent, to his two perfect assists. Thanks to Kouamé, who will be very important next season. Thanks to Patrick, third consecutive goal, I am very happy for him, I have already said that he deserved much more confidence since January, I hope is a permanent owner until the end. The last witches were also defeated tonight...I never believed in witches. I strongly believe in Rocco’s work, I am happy for him and I only ask for him to bring a high-level coach to Florence. Fast fast fast!

Gianluca Caminati, President of Viola Club KK - Gli Ingestibili and host of CurvaSport - Bar Live: We finally got the thought out! Finally we begin to see the team playing football...we begin to see the quality of the purchases “for the future,” in particular Kouamé! Now we must continue to honor the championship until the end and in the mean time plan the future...these last games have told us that there are many things to change, many others to improve, but NOT ALL as some have claimed! So let’s put ourselves in the hands of the Company and the DS with the awareness that next year we expect a season that smells of Europe!

Final thought: Frank, old and fragile as he may be, I always want him in my team anyways, whatever the connoisseurs say!

Alessandro Sisto, President of Viola Club New York: Finally, that’s the word! Finally we are safe, finally we understood the best formation for us (Chiesa on the side and Franck on the other almost like a playmaker and Cutrone as a striker). Finally we won at home, finally we can start talking about next season, players coach, DS, jerseys...I think the MVP was probably Franck (once again) with two assists, I liked Cutrone’s performance overall besides the goal, the team seemed more solid and balanced. Finally!