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Fiorentina Reactions Around The World - Lecce

In the immortal words of Johnny Drama - “VICTORYYYYY”


Glorious, glorious victory. It feels great to once again be on the positive side of an emphatic win. So impressed with the boys in this game. The momentum NEEDS to continue against Torino. With a win against them, this team has a chance to go into the top half of the table and bring about more positive news as we go into the next season.

One good note for Fiorentina today. This game is live on ESPN, televised nationally in the States. Fiorentina have had a pretty good record recently when they know they are playing on the big stage in front of all of Rocco’s friends and family. Let’s hope this team continues to treat their patron with this dignity and respect.

Forza Viola!!

Now let’s hear from those global fans on this win!

Andrea Di Salvo - Charming host of Lady Radio - “The hoped-for victory has finally arrived. A victory against a mediocre Lecce, which allows Fiorentina to stay in Serie A. Iachini managed to do the job he was asked of, now they can play without the pressure on them. The club will have to make us understand the ambitions through the new manager and the new players. Finally a little bit of sporty tranquility.”

Gianluca Caminati, President of Viola Club KK - Gli Ingestibili and host of CurvaSport - Bar Live - “It was a deserved victory that makes the whole environment breathe a sigh of relief! Finally, a game that goes well from the start and not even the bad penalty puts our kids in a bad mood today! The thing that stands out the most is that the team plays better with the teams they play. Lecce is an anomaly in the fight for salvation, they try to move forward.

Today, we were rewarded by the brilliance of the boys of Iachini, with Cutrone being a ruthless killer, Ribery to direct the orchestra and Church in search of redemption! Honorable mention for Ghezzal, finally a goal. The team of Baggio, Batistuta and Antognoni had been too long without seeing a “brush stroke” like the God of Football conanda!

Ale Viola - Number one store in Firenze and online for the best Fiorentina gear - ”Beautiful convincing victory. I honestly believed in a victory before the game. I thought of a 1 to 2 for us. We finished better than expected. After the first half ended 0 to 3 the game was already over. We play better outside the home. For Lecce it was like the last beach. So sorry but we think of Fiorentina almost saved, mathematically, but our players are not as scarce as the ranking says. This has been another year thrown away and passing. With some reinforcement and adjustment to the structure of the players next year we aim high - Europa League at least and then the field will tell us the truth. Next game at home against Torino. I foresee another draw. Salvation is achieved mathematically, I think, and with the last few games we hope to have fun with a freer mind and with less pressure. At least I hope so. Sempre Forza Violaaaaaaaa!”

Andrey Kazu member of Viola Club Indonesia - “Well! This game was just great. Staying up to watch the game instead of sleeping was not in vain tonight. Paid completely by Fiorentina!

Alessandro Sisto, President of Viola Club New York - “This was very much needed. It took too many games to Ribery and Chiesa on the sides and Cutrone in the center. I liked the performance overall. It seemed we were in control but I’m not going to lie, I was worried after we missed that first half penalty. That is one that Pulgar cannot miss. Now lets conquer safety, which is very close and then focus on the plan for next year!”

Yotam Shavit, President of Viola Club Israel - “What a great game, though against Lecce, it was a great display. First half was great with Chiesa, Ribery and Cutrone all linking up well to create and actually finish chances. We were so good. Second half was less intense but still some great chances missed. We also got to see Agudelo which was a blessing. Let’s hope that against Torino we can continue this form and end the season with a good taste.”

Gianni Matteo Rontani, President of the Rocco Commisso Fan Club - “We’re all happy tonight and we’ve been missing this for too long. I vote 8 to the Chiesa-Cutron dialogue, I’ve known Federico since he was 8 years old, Patrick since he played in the national team under 17 (he scored 11 goals). I’ve always been close to them at all times, especially when criticism was too much and ungenerous. The two together could be tried before. I vote 9 for Gezzal’s punishment. Vote 7 to the whole team. That’s 3 important points especially for “morale”, I’m happy for Rocco. I don’t change my mind about Beppe, today he just did his duty. I hope to see at least 3/4 more races on these levels and then see the new MR. we are waiting for!”

Matteo Bambi on behalf of Viola Club Paris - “Glad to know that Mike’s crystal ball was right. Hope he sees also a great future for our colors. Good approach at last! And now let’s start immediately to build a bright future. First of all a very good and experienced manager, then the players he wants. Come on Rocco, fast fast fast.”