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Listen to Episode 8 of Viola Station

Mike and Tito are back with a little help from some friends.

Bank Holidays Photo by Mansell/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Wow, is it Tuesday? Sorry, I completely lost track of time while safely encased in my bunker. Anyways, Mike and I recorded this on Sunday and now we’re sharing it with you. Since we’ve been completely remiss in neglecting ACF Fiorentina Femmenile (new year, new name), we begin to address that with an episode dedicated almost entirely to the side of the team that isn’t drowning in dysfunction.

With an assist from Steph of the AC Milan Offside, Sempre Milan, and Unusual Efforts (if you want Serie A Femmenile news, follow her on Twitter because she’s a goldmine), we run through the state of the Viola and the league. We talk big name departures (and yeah, we’re still upset) and possible arrivals for both Fiorentina and AC Milan. We also dive into why women’s soccer in Italy feels so broken and some ways to fix it.

I’d also like to congratulate Mike here for recording this entire episode WHILE HOLDING A BABY. Guys, Mike is the real deal.

If the episode isn’t popping up in the box right above here, or if you simply don’t trust this webpage, you can also catch this one on Megaphone, Spotify, Apple, or Google. Thanks for hanging with us on this one. Hope you enjoy listening half as much as we enjoyed making it.